Chapter 2

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            It took about a week for Ash and I to become best friends. We bonded over our love of playing, listening to, and writing music, our love of Disney movies, and our similar fashion choices. He quickly became the one person I could tell everything to, and I became the same for him. We talked about our love lives, well the lack thereof on my end, why he ended up moving, his girlfriend. Oh yeah…he has a girlfriend, so being his friend was pretty much, to my dismay, my only option.

            We were together all the time, and when we weren’t together, we were texting. Our parents thought we were dating, my best friend, Amy, thought we were dating. But we weren’t, we were friends. And I was completely okay with it, because he was an amazing friend. I could honestly get used to just being his friend. I had to, really. He was trying to stay with his girlfriend, and I couldn’t mess with that.

            About 2 days before school started, we got our schedules and saw that we had all of the same classes, except for one. I was taking creative writing, while he was in percussion ensemble. His drums were his most prized possession, so he did whatever he could to better himself. For me, it was poetry. I wrote more poetry in a day than most people did in a month, so that class made the most logical sense for me. Even Ashton agreed with that decision.

~3 Months Later~

            Nearing the end of the first semester, it was hard not to reflect on my friendship with Ashton. We grew especially close when his girlfriend broke up with him…because she was cheating on him…and it was his fault. He needed me as a friend more than ever, and I was there for him through all of it. Soon after, for Halloween, we decided to be Batman and Robin, a plan he had originally made with his ex. Now we have plans for break to hang out all the time. Our friends still think, now more than ever, that we’re together. We aren’t, really. We’re friends, and that’s okay. I mean…I guess.


            Tyler was my first friend going into this school year, and she quickly became the best friend I could ever ask for. She was my rock for everything, and I felt that I was the same for her. All of our friends thought we were together; even our parents were convinced we were a couple, but we weren’t. I mean, we were close like couples are, but we weren’t dating. The thought had never even crossed our minds…at least I don’t think it ever crossed hers. It didn’t matter, really. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, not after the way my last one ended. And having her friendship meant more to me than anything there was potential in us having.

            One could thing about school being on break was the never ending possibility to see Tyler. We finally convinced our parents to let us celebrate the end of term with a sleepover, which was happening today. Ty’s mom was picking us up from school so we could go stock up on junk food, and then dropping us off at my house for our impending “party.” It was sure to be a pretty fantastic night, and neither of us could wait.

            About 8 hours after we arrived to my flat, we decided to put on pajamas, which for me consisted of a cut up tee that pretty much served as a tank top, and boxers. We later found out that Ty had left her pjs at home. Yes, we could’ve just walked down the street, but it was nearing midnight, and neither of us were really prepared to leave home. So, instead we improvised. I let her borrow a pair of my basketball shorts and the tee shirt I had been wearing that day. I have to admit, she looked adorable dressed in my clothes, but also silly enough that I could poke fun at her.

            “Woah, Tyler I thought you said you weren’t a dude! You’ve seen me cry bro, this isn’t okay!” I sarcastically spat at her.

            She shoved at my shoulder and replied, “Shhh!! Don’t let anybody know! It’s a secret!”

            I shoved her back, sending her gently tripping back onto my bed. I took the opportunity to initiate a tickle war, knowing she would fall to pieces under my touch. She quickly began laughing and curled into the fetal position, trying to be rid of me. The tickling was only stopped by a swift nudge to my chest…with her foot. I stumbled back into my wall and slid down to the floor, both of us in pieces with laughter. After things calmed down, I peeled myself off of the floor and made my way to my bed, immediately stretching out my legs for Ty to use as a pillow.

            We both just lay there for what felt like hours singing along to the random playlist of pop songs playing from my phone on the dresser. When the playlist ended, it was about 1 am, and both of us were ready for bed. We debated for a few moments as to whether or not we should call it a night, all the while I traced lines across Tyler’s back, focusing on the small of her back that had been exposed when my tee shirt slid up to her waist.

            I knew she was nearing sleep because the muscles in her shoulders began to relax, the dimples in her back becoming more prominent as she drew calmer. I slowly lifted her head off of my lap, proceeding to pick her up to relocate her to a more comfortable position under my covers. I turned off my lights, the small lava lamp in the corner illuminating just enough of my room for me to see that she had woken up and rolled over, her eyes watching me.

            “You didn’t think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?” she scoffed.

            “Hey, you’re the one that fell asleep listening to my gorgeous singing,” I replied. We both just started laughing as I maneuvered my way under the covers facing her. I began reaching over her for my phone so I could turn on some music for us to fall asleep to when she tugged on the side of my shirt. We both rolled over, her onto her back, while I ended up straddling her, my covers sliding off of my back. Normally we would’ve laughed, but this time we didn’t. Something about the way she looked, her dark brown hair spread across my pillow, her crystal blue eyes illuminated by the golden glow of the light in the corner, prevented laughter.


            We lay there for a few moments just looking into each other’s eyes, and I couldn’t help but feel the urge to reach up, lace my fingers through his messy hair, and pull him down to me. As if reading my mind, he began lowering his body closer to mine, his lips nearing closer, breath fanning my face. Suddenly, his right hand lifted from the mattress, and began to reach…to my side! He started tickling me again, quickly grabbing his phone before I threw him off of me and over to the other side of the bed. We laughed for a few more minutes before we agreed to call it a night. In about half an hour, we both drifted off to sleep, small smiles adorning both of our mouths.

~The next morning~

            I woke up seeing another side of Ashton’s room, and feeling a protective grasp around my waist, a new heat source having been acquired at some point during the night. Not wanting to have Ash wake up and create an awkward tension between us, I slowly removed his arm from my waist and moved a few inches over on the bed, putting a small distance between us. I couldn’t risk ruining our friendship. I wouldn’t.


            I woke up to find my arm still holding Tyler to me, my hand resting on her bare hip, her back pressed into my stomach. Before I could move, I felt her hand grasp my wrist and remove my arm from around her. I took a risk in cuddling with her last night…maybe she’ll brush it off as an accident. Maybe she really did just want to be my friend. I would have to respect that. I couldn’t risk ruining our friendship. I wouldn’t.


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