Punk love.

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Valerie was a girl that noone paid any attention to. She was a freshman in highschool and would get bullied daily because of her weight. Valerie was very skinny pipsqueak is what they would call her. But there was one particular boy and his name was Dane Dehaan. Valerie had a major crush on Dane. Dane Dehaan was a shy boy that was in her grade , he was a tall blond and skinny boy but was so dreamy. Dane would always stick up for Valerie well when he was around. And oh his black converse and skinny jeans he had like a punk rock style just like her they would be a cute couple. He loved Linkin Park and she liked Nirvana. Sometimes at lunch Valerie would talk to him because he did sit at her lunch table but kind of at the end. Every night Valerie would go home , go into her room lock the door and cry and listen to Of Mice of Men or any kind of post hardcore music that was loud and could cleanse her mind of the bullying. Valerie was so skinny  because she would skipp meals. The reason why she would do this is because she wanted to be pretty like the other girls in there bikini and thigh gap so maybe Dane could notice her.

   ( Dane )

"Im really nervous Josh I want to ask her out but im so scared shes just so beautiful and funny and so perfect like wow". Dude just go for it , if she says no she says no its not a big deal. Okay tommorrow Im going to ask her out.

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