Chapter 5: A dagger fit for a queen

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(Little sex scene just skip around it if you don't want to read it, its like a tiny paragraph.)

After I left my fathers office, I went to my room mad as all hell. The maids were still in there cleaning up my blood and mess.

"Get out, finish cleaning later when I'm not in here" I said

They scurried out not giving me a second look and closing my door. I jumped on my bed and buried my head into my pillow and screamed. I screamed until my throat hurt and my head ached. When i finally finished screaming I picked my head up and turned around crying my eyes out. I eventually cried myself to sleep. I wasn't asleep for long though because someone started knocking on my door.

"Jaime, what are you doing here" I said

"I said I would come back" he said in his cocky attitude

"O well then come in" I said

"You didn't have to cry while I was gone, I wasn't lying I was really going to come back" he said

"Thats not why I'm crying" I said laughing

"Then what are you crying over" he asked

"My father, he wants me to marry Loras Tyrell" I said

"You don't want to marry him"


"Then who do you want to marry"" he asked looking me in the eyes

"You would laugh if I told you" I said

"Tell me"


"Tell me" he said grabbing my arms so I would look him in the eyes

I looked into his beautiful green eyes and said, "You, I want to marry you"

he looked at me astonished then smiled his cocky smile and kissed me. Not like before this one was more passionate and loving. He stopped kissing me and his lips felt as if his lips lingered on mine. I needed his lips back so I wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss and kissed him. He lifted me up so my legs would wrap around him and he carried me to the bed. (Okay I'm not going making this dirty, but if it pleases you, you can make it dirty in your mind xoxo Tori) He laid me down and straddled me. He started kissing my neck and then came back to my lips so I wouldn't focus on what was about to happen. I didn't think it would hurt this bad, but it did and Jamie noticed. I could tell he could feel my pain so he didn't go to fast, he also kissed my forehead and laid his forehead on mine. I let out a shriek and a tear slid down my face.

"Did I hurt you, I'm not very gentile" he said

"No its just I never did this with anyone" I said letting out another shriek

''Hush, you must be quiet or the servants will here" he said

I only nodded my head not trusting my voice. Every time it hurt I would kiss him. By the time it was over our clothes were ruined and I ached. Jamie was able to hide his tattered clothes under his armor. He gave me a kiss and walked out. I knew he had to go and do his knightly duties so I was okay with it.

That was not the how I thought my first time would be. I thought it would be with some strange man my wedding night but this was better. I changed out of my bloodied dress and threw it into the fire in my room then changed into a dark blue dress and put my hair up in the normal southern way. I turned around to see that my bed sheets were ruined so I ripped it off and threw it in the fire as well and lit it. Much to my dismay the blood had bled through on to the mattress so I had to flip it over.

"Lucy, come here please" I called one of my maids going through the hall.

"Lady Stark, how may I help you" she said

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