In the morning, Naomi sat criss-cross on her white sofa in her hotel room with her brown hair in a tight bun, and a serpent braid going down in the back. She wore her favorite nerd wayfarer glasses, and a white robe and white slippers reading Tweets from the previous show. She was to be in her limo to the LAX Airport so she could go to London, England as the second show of her L.I.G.H.T.S. tour. Roc Royal and his boys were supposed to be on the tour too, with special appearances by Jacob Latimore. She wasn't supposed to see her dancers until they got on the airport, which was a downer, but drinking  macchiato, and playing with her white fluffy puppy Athena ( who was named by her sister ) and going on her phone was the ultimate morning. "@LilNanaSwag the show was the bomb #lovedit #oohkillem." She read, by a major fan. Another tweet was from Roc Royal, saying "My boo @LilNanaSwag rocked the show yesterday for her L.I.G.H.T.S part of the tour, we headin' to London!" It was heartwarming, and reading fans' tweets was one of the best things of her day. She couldn't wait to perform in London with Roc and MB and her dancers, and meet British fans, and maybe develop an accent. Keisha Gamble walked through the room with her binder in hand. "Your show was a success!" Her voice was higher and much more delightful. She kneeled down to pet Athena then converted her attention. "This brought in more money than Miley Cyrus' BANGERZ concert." "I hope that you're getting ready for London?" Keisha said. Naomi nodded. "I love how close you and Roc Royal are, it's adorable," She gushed. "Bye KG," Naomi waved. She couldn't stand the woman anymore.

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