Breif description of what is yet to come:

Beau is injured in a prank that goes disastrously wrong and all the Luke can think about is how it is all his fault. This leads Luke to suffer from depression with the only hope of saving him being his best friend, Olivia.

Jai, James and Skip have to make the couragous decision of putting the famous pranksters YouTube channel on hold, not knowing whether they will ever create a video again.

Meanwhile in hopsital, Beau grows close to his nurse, Ellie; who is a shy, quiet, funny and caring girl. On the ward, nurse Natalie is jealous of Beau's friendship with Ellie and when he regains his sight, pretends that she has been the person by his side during his months of recovery.

Will he realise it's the plain, quiet Ellie who is too shy to tell him or will he be fooled by the popular and beautiful Natalie who is only interested in the fame he can give her.

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