chapter 4

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                                                    Chapter 4

The Fight.

   After that amazing date I didn’t get to sleep till about 2:30 in the morning, because I was to busy thinking about Shawn and how perfect of a boyfriend he is and I was also to busy talking to my brother, because dad went to bed early. The next day I hoped that we could have another day like that.

   “Hey did you have fun yesterday on your date?” My dad asked

   “Yeah it was awesome, first he took me to a movie then we when to the beach and as it started to rain I kissed him it was so romantic”

   “That sounds great.”

   “It’s was.”

   “So are you going to hang with Josh, and Rob Today?”

   “Yeah, Shawn said he has to work today.”


   While I was poring the milk in my cereal, someone knocks at the door. My dad opens it and its Rob.

   “Hey want to go to the park.”

   “Sure just let me finish my cereal.”

   When I’m done we head to the park as we get there I see Shawn what was he doing here? He said that he had to work.

   “Hey look there’s Shawn.”

  Right as Rob was about to call hi over I pull him behind the slide.

  “What’s going on?”

  “Just wait.”

 As I’m watching Shawn, rob really wanted to know what was going on.

“Okay so Shawn told me that he had to work today, does that look like working to you?”

“Well maybe he’s a baby sitter you never know.”

   “He told me that he works at dairy queen.”

  “Oh um maybe he’s on a brake.”

  “He’s shift started just a minute ago.”

  Before Rob could say something else I rush over to Shawn acting like I just noticed him.

  “Hey Shawn what’s up I thought you had to work.”

  As he was about to answer someone walks up to him I don’t recognize him he must be a junior.

  “What’s he talking about? I thought we where…”

  But before he could finish Shawn put his hand over the strange boy’s mouth and whispered something in his ear.

  “I got to go”

  Shawn walked over to the far side of the park. I wanted to know what they where doing so I run up to them. When I catch up with them the boy gave something to Shawn.

  “What was that?”


   He said this and hid it behind his back Rob caught up and saw what it was so he whispered what he saw.

   “You smoke!”

   “What? No”

   “Then you wont have any trouble showing me what you have in you’re hand”

   “Well I better go” the boy said and left

   “Dude just show him”

   He removes his hand from behind his back and shows me.

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