Damon looked for Stefan near the Grille and around town while I searched the woods. He wasn't anywhere to be found at home or Elena's. I covered every acer of the woods, and no Stefan, so I decided to check lower. I went to the tomb to check if he was there.

I jumped into the hole and walked to the tomb entrance. I still couldn't trust the tomb to close on me, but someone else could. I heard someone breathing in there. It was definitely Stefan.

"Stefan?" I called into the tomb. "Stefan? Please, Stefan. Just answer me, I know it's you in there." I stood there, waiting for an answer. "Are you really going to make me go in this place?" I said looking around the door to see if there's any type of seal. He still didn't answer so I cautiously walked in and found Stefan in the farthest corner. "Stefan!" I ran over. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"How do you do it?" He asked very softly.

"Do what?"

"Control the blood. How do you drink from blood bags and not ever want to drink from the vein?"

"Stefan, blood from the vein never worked for me. When I was in transition, I went to Woodville. I drank blood and ran. I ended up throwing it up an hour later. So, I tried animal blood and then blood bags in the 50's. I haven't drank human blood since 1864."

"How am I a ripper and you and Damon aren't?"

"We are rippers. We just don't go as far. Every vampire is a ripper an-"

"How can I stop the cravings? I am so hungry!" He started to get angry.

"The only way I know is to drink." I smirked at him. "Stefan, the responsibility side of me says you shouldn't go to the party tomorrow night with Elena, but" I sighed, "the stupid side of me says that you should go to the party. It's not going to help you if you lock yourself up. You have to learn to control the cravings."

He nodded.

I stood up and reached for his hand and pulled him up. "By the way, if we can't get out of here, I'm going to kill you. " We both chuckled and were able to walk right out.

I brought Stefan home and he went straight to bed. I was about to turn off the light when he stopped me. "Sophia, can you stay in here and make sure I don't leave, please?" I smiled at him and nodded.

I changed out of my dress, grabbed some pillows and blankets and fell asleep in a chair near his desk.


I woke up early and Stefan wasn't there. I got up and ran downstairs and saw that he was already chugging down a bottle of bourbon at 6 a.m.. He was hungry. I slowly walked over and took the bourbon out of his hand.

"Lets go hunt for some deer." I took Stefan's hand and we ran out.

Stefan was able to catch the deer faster than I could. He ripped the deer apart.

"I'm still hungry." Stefan murmurered. "I need more." He ran.

I ran after Stefan. He may be all crazed on blood, but I'm still faster. He was an inch in front of me when I jumped on top of him and tackled him to the ground. He tried to push me off of him but I pinned him to the ground.

"You need to control yourself! You're not a monster! You're only a monster if you continue to act like this." I said sitting on him. "You tried so hard to show Elena you aren't a monster, do you want her to change her mind? Don't be Katherine!"

He looked at me with anger. He grabbed me by the waist and threw me into a tree and he ran. I got up feeling a little weak and dizzy.

I got up annoyed and ran home where I found Damon sitting on the couch drinking a cup of blood. I walked over to him and took the cup from him and chugged it down. I sat on the couch beside him and he reached next to him and grabbed a blood bag and handed it to me.

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