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"Secret? What secret could I tell him without completely exposing myself?" I think as I walk towards Audrey's room. I watch her for a moment. Audrey is sitting on her bed reading a book. I watch her for a moment. Her ghostly pale skin appears whiter because of the red on her lips. I assume her gums have been bleeding again, and she is too engrossed in her book to care. She isn’t wearing her wig, but she never wears it in the hospital. She says that while wearing it, she feels like she is lying to herself and refuses to lie in the place where people should be honest. I’m not sure why she feels this way about hospitals, but she does. I decide to walk in because it looks as if she has finished her book. “Books have a funny way of effecting a person,” Audrey sighed deep in thought.  

“There is nothing that effects someone as positively as it does negatively as a great piece of literature.”

I laugh a little at her and ask, “And of which book do you speak?”

 “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” she breathed heavily.

 “Oh, I see. What’s your take on this ‘great piece of literature?’” I ask in a joking manner knowing that I will not receive a jovial response.

 “In this particular book, Bree, it is shown that bad situations can get much worse, but, in the end, have a good outcome. The being afraid of losing, actual loss of something or someone, and the pain of loss are very real things and are everywhere. The blessed suffer, not just the ones in the bad situations. Also, hate is a very real, very dangerous thing that not only effects the lives of the people who are are the victims, but also the people who are being mean. Even though the book states ‘All was well’ in the end, when you think about it, nothing can ever be fully ‘well’ because of the imperfect world and the way the Battle at Hogwarts ended. I think this book is beautiful literature and should be considered a symbol of hope for the hurting. This is not just a children’s book, but a series that deals with themes that only high functioning people can understand.”

 Her insight takes my breath away. Is this girl sitting in front of me really only twelve years old? When I read that book, I just thought it was a happily ever after sort of thing like the fairy tales. None of that ever crossed my mind.

 “How are you today?” I ask casually, as it was my custom every time I saw her.

 “Particularly fantastic because I have an idea.”

 How could she be dying? She can’t be dying. She isn’t. 

 "I don't want to tell you just yet. What's his name?" she suddenly sounded like a little girl again. 

"So now you're suddenly interested in him?" She nodded her head vigoriusly so I decided to answer her directly. "Basically his name is Jason and he wants me to come back tomorrow with a..." my voice trailed off at the end. Not because I didn't want to tell her, but because I don't know what secret I'm going to tell.

 "With a what? With a what?"

 "A secret."

 "What are you going to say?"

 I go with the truthful answer and say,"I don't know." 

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