*24* (Genevieve) Late Nights & Late Arrivals

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Genevieve's POV


I huffed and puffed as I ran to our hotel room as rapidly as I could. I scanned my card quickly to unlock the door, and pushed it so hard that I almost damaged the wall. I ran to my bed, and flopped on it.

I sighed.

I turned my head to the rectangular clock on the side table next to my bed. It was 12:54.

"Too late," I said to myself in the guiltiest tone. "Too la-"

The door was opened yet again, and in came Serafina and her chipmunk friend, Darling. 

"Did you just wait here... All alone... For a very long time?" she hyperventilated. 

"No," I said, still exhausted. "I just arrived." 

"Good," she sighed heavily, lifting Darling onto her shoulder. 

Darling was just as tired. I bet she ran on the way, too.

Soon, Marina came through the door, just as exhausted. 

She didn't say a word. She just came in and inhaled and exhaled constantly. 

Then Annette arrived. 

"Annette... Your shoe-" 

"I know," Annette's voice trembled and managed to cut Serafina off. 

We waited until Katrina stormed into the room. 

"Okay," she started, her eyes red. "I fell into a rabbit hole to go to Wonderland and I had my unbirthday with March Hare and the Mad Hatter but I checked my watch and I bet that time flies fast in this world and I didn't keep track of it so I was late."

"The Sleeping Beauty Castle had so many floors and rooms and hallways that I had to find my way out of it myself without keeping track of time," Annette cried. 

"We were too busy raiding a ship but it was a good thing because the pirates that owned the ship were under Captain Hook's guidance and when we got on the ship the sun just set so we were admiring the view of the beautiful stars and I had a private conversation with Peter Pan!" Marina shouted. 

"Kanga kept stuffing my mouth with honey," Serafina whispered, due to her sore throat. 

Darling nodded. 

"And I had too much fun hanging out with Genie and Tinkerbell-" I said.

"I'm sorry," we all said at once. 

We also managed to gasp simultaneously. 

"... I think she'll forgive us," I replied calmly. 

The Girls nodded. 

I turned to my suitcase to get ready for bed. 

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