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So if some of you were confused, the beginning was a dream in the last chapter. Same in this one too! It's in italics! :)

"Harry, I'm scared. I don't like this place," I say as Harry drags me by my wrist through a dark, winding corridor.

"Shh, Mia don't talk so loud or they'll hear us," he whispers into my ear. They'll hear us? Who? My mind races with unanswered questions. I open my mouth to ask, but he holds up his hand to silence me. Suddenly, Harry pushes my against the wall and puts his hand over my mouth. I stare wide eye at him, but he's looking the other way.

"Where are they? I know they're here. Dammit, find them Liam. Bring her to me," a voice hisses.

"What about him? What do I do with him?" I assume who is Liam questions the dark voice.

"Don't kill him. Yet. He's her weakness and I need him. Now go and remember what I told you," the voice says.

I hear the thump of boots making it down the corridor and my palms began to sweat. Harry doesn't move and I try to move his hand away from my mouth.

"Harry, he's coming!" I say frantically. He looks down at me, furrowing his eyebrows together and starts drawing symbols into the air.

"What are you doing? We don't have time?!" I practically scream. Suddenly, I feel a burst of heat flow over me. My eyes grow wide and I realize that I'm invisible. Stunned, I try to speak but Harry holds up his hand.

"This doesn't last long. On the count of three, I want you to run. Run as fast as you can out of here," he says rushing.

"I can't leave you, Harry I lo-" but I'm interrupted by the sound of laughter.

"Thought you could stay hidden forever didn't you, Harry?" Liam sneers oblivious that I'm standing next to Harry.

"Three!" Harry screams as he lunges at Liam. My eyes go wide and all I do is run. Run as far as I can with tears streaming down my face.

I wake up gasping and covered in sweat. Shaking, I look at my alarm clock which reads 6:43. Class doesn't start until 7:45 which leaves me enough time to get ready and shake off this dream. That's the second time I've had a dream like this. What could it mean? I lazily get up from my bed, not bothering to make it and head to the bathroom. I take off my pajamas and and step into the shower.

I wash my hair and body, trying to get the dream out of my head, but it just doesn't leave. I just stand there, letting the water fall over my skin and I watch the droplets fall down. I never realized how relaxed the water makes me. It's so pure and calming. I watch the droplets dance on my skin before I turn the water off. I step out and grab my towel and dry off. I quickly brush my teeth and head towards my closet. Still wrapped in a towel, I rummage through my closet and choose to wear faded light skinny jeans and a slouchy teal sweater. I lay the out fit on my bed and brush my hair.

I dry my hair and instead of throwing it up like I normally do, I just leave it down to air dry. I throw on my clothes and as I'm pulling on my top I see that my birthmark grew in size. It's not suppose to do that is it? It just looks...bigger than I remember. I shrug it off. If it starts changing more I'll have to go get it checked out. I pull on my top and slide on my comfy fuzzy socks. No one will see that they have snowmen on them. I quickly put on minimal makeup which is normally just light foundation, mascara and eyeliner. I gather all my school essentials into my bag and check the time. 7:15.

I still don't have my phone and that reminds me to go back to that frat house or whatever it was to see if its still there. Ugh, I really don't want to go there. Why do I have to be so careless? Well, you were drunk so..

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