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" Lila you have done this many times, it is very simple and basic. You can do this!!!" I hear Gerad yell because I haven't completed the simple action he has told me to do for the past hour. I was suppose to simply move the ball from one place to another, sounds easy right? Wrong!!!! I wasn't allowed to use hands, all I could do was use my mind. For the year I have matered the powers of telekonesis, teleportation, and mind reading. 

" Lila breathe." I jumped at the sound of Gerad so close to me. " Inhale then exhale, " he comanded. I did as I was told,  I closed my eyes and lifted my hand, and within seconds I could hear the cup being set on the table. I opened my eyes to see the cup had moved from the floor to the center of the table. 

He smiled in approval, " nice job!!" he clapped his hands to signal we were done.

" That is it you have pasted the Guardian test." He gave me a hug " Congradulations Lila,"

I gave him a weak smile, I have been dreeding this day since my first day at Bolshavik Academey. The day I pass my certification test I would have to go back home, say good bye to those who matter and began my quest. Which didn't sound so bad because all I had was Gabi, and my mom. I would stil see my mom since the light and dark Guardians work together.

I just don't want to go back to see him. The boy I have hated for the past year, who started all of this I never want to see him again. 

" Lila I know your nervous about going back home tomorrow, but its just a day. By the next day you'll be on a plane to your first quest. Speaking of quest." Gerad got up and went to his desk, once he came back there was a piece of paper in his hand, it was rolled up with a red bow tied around it to keep it in place. 

Gerad is my trainer. on the first day of Bolshevik Academey, you go to a room where a person is waiting for you. That person is your trainer and would be you trainer for the rest of the year. Gerad hated me at first, but then I surprised him by working late and beginning to train my self.  Over time I began to look at Gerad as a big brother, and to him I was his sorellina.

" What's this?" I asked inspecting the piece of paper.

" Your first quest." He smiled, I looked at it nervous of what it would say. " Well open it."

With that I opened and began to read, I can tell Gerad was getting impatient wanting to know what the letter said as if reading my mind he said , " Well what does it say?"

I began to read the letter out loud " Dear Lila, you would be given a flight to Australia, where you would be accompied with a professional dark angel. You two would be going to find all the shadow people and bring them to where they belong. This is your first quest, hopefully it won't be your last."

I looked up at gerad nervous and he could tell. " Your journey has bagun. Enjoy it"  

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