lennox paced around me, he was extremely mad. he glared daggers at me every time we met eye contact as he kept pacing. he abruptly stopped infront of me and glared.

" you realize you are going to be kicked out of the military for this, right? " he growled. he was using his height to try and intimidate me, sucks for him. ive been against taller and tougher. he stared me down, his glare pounding into my skull. its funny to think this man was kind..... like once. he turned away when the phone started ringing. i took this time to look around his office, it was rather bland and it had those wierd motivational posters pinned to the wall.

" hello, lennox speaking " the major said to the phone. i couldnt hear the reply but judging by the majors now sour facials im guessing its the call i was expecting. the major slowly turned to me, with the phone still pressed to his ears. he mouthed the words 'you knew about this" with a shocked and disgusted expression.

" yeah.... ok, it will be done. bye " he hung up the phone and walked up to me. i looked up at him hiding a smirk, he must be so mad. his hand flies up and he grips my chin, holding my head up higher as he looks down on me, his breath warm against my skin.

" your smart, i'll give you that " he growls lightly. he stares at me for another minute before walking off, leaving me in his office. i look in the direction he went and sighed. that was lucky. looking around the office i notice how organised it is. but  theres a file on his desk saying top secret....  i walk over to it, trailing my hand over the file. i could get in alot of trouble for this, trouble my father cant get me out of.....

" i wouldnt do that "  i turn quickly only to see hide leaning on the doorway, with his muscular arms crossed over his broad chest. i roll my eyes and turn back to the file, picking it up. i walk over to him and push it into his chest.

" vou vould know vere zhis goes " i give him a glance then walk out.


" dude what were you thinking? do you want to be kicked out the military?! " harper lectured. we were in the main hanger and i was sprawled out on the hood of a military hummer, it wasnt the comfyest of places but it was better than the ambulance, semi truck and camaro..... well the semi might be comfyer but if i fell off it might hurt....so hummer it is. its a break day today and all the soldiers are alowed to roam around nd hang with their trainers, but that wouldnt happen with me and hide. plus ive scared off all the other soldiers after the incident.... apart from harper. i feel bad everytime i look at him, i was about to finnish off the soldier when he ran back and got in the way... now harper has a black eye.

" are you even listening to me? " harper asked in a huff. i shake my head and roll onto my belly, earning an amused but annoyed look from harpi boy. he puts his hands on his hips and looks at me, a silent plea for me to get down. i extend my arm out in hir direction and put my finger out, touching his nose.

" boop " i give him a goofy half smile

harper grins at me and shakes his head, he grabs my arm and pulls me half off the hummer then grabs my other arm. i hook my foot into a ridge on the hummers hood as harper pulls me. i stay in place as he pulls and grin.

" oh come on! your really gunna play this game? " harper whines but has a smile in his eyes. he tugs on my arms again, hard, and i unlatch my foot, sending harper and me flying. i land on harper on the ground and look down at his pained expression. i get up and brush myself off.

" thanks for being a landing pad " i shake my head. " zhats vhat happens vhen you get me to move " i haul him up and ruffle his hair, his hands swat mine away and he fixes his hair giving me an annoyed look.

" im going for a walk see ya " i push him away playfully and walk off down the hallway aimlessly. i end up walking around the base twice until i end up on the roof. i sit down, leaning against the satalite., it was getting dark and i could faintly see the stars.

" thought i would find ya up here " i look over at the man a few feet away from me. he walks over and sits next to me, watching the sunset with me. i shiver slightly as it gets colder and the sky darkens. he chuckles and puts an arm over my shoulder.

" hows about you dont beat me to death for not doing this? " he asks in amusement. i grunt my response and carefully lean into him, he was really warm. i shivered again and snuggled into his side looking annoyed.

" dont think for one second i like vou " i growl. he looks down at me, his eyes seemed to glow a little and he chuckled again. he pulled me closer in a friendly way and smiled.

" heh, not at all. just dont want the little rebel soldier getting frostbite, its due to snow any day now " he replied in a caring tone, his eyes soft and welcoming but i couldnt shake the thought that i saw a glimmer of danger behind those deep brown, almost red iris's. i shrugged lightly and rested my head, watching as a few stray shooting stars flicker by. the mystery man watched them distantly, often taking glances my way. after a while i look up at him, he stares back in anticipation.

" i never did get your name " i say quietly, his eyes softened a little but still held that distant danger and hate. he doesnt answer for a while, looking back at the stars then turning back to me.

" the names megsy :

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