Chapter 2

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Talodros stood where he was and didn't move a single inch. The thing that he had been talking to was some sort of demon, at least that was what it looked like.

The person that he was talking to was hulking in size. His skin was a deep red and spikes as well as horns protruding from his head and almost everywhere else. The eyes of the man were blood red and practically slits. After a moment of staring at him, Talodros noticed a smirk on the monsters face.

" So you noticed, Talodros. I'm not just Joujan. I am also a Temory. If you help me out of these cursed shackles, you can be the same way too. Wouldn't you like that child?" asked the monster.

" Why would I want to be that way?" he asked.

" So that you could put an end to all this war, wouldn't you agree?"

Talodros, not knowing quite what to do, figured that what he was being offered sounded great. Maybe this thing he was being offered could help in the battle right outside of the castle. Immediately, he unlocked the rusty shackles and Talodros wondered as to why the beast was trapped by them. Maybe they were made of magic.

All the sudden, the beast reached out to Talodros with his long sharpened claws.

" You fool! I would not let you live if it meant I'd be discovered for what I am by commoners and armies! Anyways, I need to eat and you'll do just fine."

Talodros moved back just in time. Only a one claw managed to rake his arm. He panicked and turned around, ready to run out the door.

" I, Rensinar, will kill the baroness so that I can destroy the Koukan and any unlike me! Thank you, child for setting me free!"

Gerodal was messing through more papers to see what could prove useful. Some had a small amount of information while others revealed huge conspiracies. One paper looked particularly helpful.

Temory of the Ages

Fire Temory

Only a handful possess the power to change into one of the demon Temory. Everything that they can do, is strengthened ten times more than a bear. One of the special powers that come with the demon Temory is to walk on fire, lava and anything hot. They can also breathe fire as well as turning themselves into flames and lava.

Most have scales that are red in appearance although sometimes, the color can fluctuate from time to time to orange. They have long claws and the occasional  dragon like tail covered in spikes made out of what appears to be obsidian. These spikes stick out everywhere on the Fire Temory. Their hair is black for the few that have this trait. Most of the Fire Temory are bulky in appearance.

Most of the these are malevolent  and will try to get to their goal the fastest, most destructive way possible. They do this for the enjoyment of other's pain.

Some Fire Temory have the worst evil intentions. This includes....

The end of the document was scrawled to the point where it was no longer legible.


Gerodal looked up from his reading. The sound he had heard was distant, but inside the castle. He could tell that was not an explosion because there would have been the after sound of rubble falling.


There it was again and now he knew for sure what it was. It was him,Rensinar. I guess I doomed us all to death then; that foolish boy listened to his crazy plans. Why, why did I send him of all the children!?

He sent out for Abog and the baroness. Each of them came at once to him.

" What is that terrible noise?" Abog complained.

" That is the sound of our defeat. It's high time that we stop gawking about and put Rensinar back where he belongs!"

" You mean..." the baroness gasped.

" Yes, as it turns out, that boy actually listened to him. Now Abog, go and find what little soldiers that are still posted around here!"

" Yes sir!"

Before Abog ran out of the room, he could hear the sound of bare feet scurrying his way.

" Help! That thing! He wants to eat me!" cried out the voice of Talodros

Abog hurried into the corridor and beckoned him in. He guided the boy to the corner of the room where he would be safest if things got out of hand.

" Stay here and don't move no matter what!" Abog whispered.

Garodal ran out into the corridor and faced the ten foot high monstrosity. Talodros could hear what was going on, but after what seemed like an eternity, Gerodal limped back in. His cuts and wounds looked deep and blood poured out of them. His robes looked soaking wet as the fabric was the color black.

He had a limp in his gait as he approached Talodros and sat beside him.

" You have a deep cut there on your arm." Garodal said.

" What about you?" he asked.

Talodros almost vomited when looking at all the wounds inflicted upon Garodal. The cut on his arm looked clean in comparison even though it was bleeding just as badly.

" Let me heal that cut for you, after all, my life will come to an end and there would be no point to healing myself."

Talodros disliked death. It was a terrible thing that almost always led to worse situations.

" No, Please don't heal me. You should try to fix yourself up because I'm not as badly hurt."

Garodal didn't listen and used a simple spell to close the cut on Talodros's arm. He began to protest, but he knew nothing would change his mind.

" This burden... it is yours now. I was the one who let you listen to Rensinar, but let him free. As a Joukan... I trust you will put him back in his place when you are stronger." Garodal barely said.

As soon as that, he had died next to Talodros and given him the largest task anyone could possibly bestow upon anyone.

Why me? Why should I put that beast back? I didn't do anything, he thought.

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