Chapter 6

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It was a silent ride the rest of the way to the boat, to which they were to depart from to reach Sebastian's island. The entire trip the newly wedded couple were engulfed in silence that the youngest was creating.

'How dare he do that to me!' he was still raging about the kiss Sebastian had to take away from him. 'I mean it was my first kiss, but why did it have to be so dirty?!' an odd sensation swelled inside his being.

When his eyes opened they came upon the firm hand of which was the prince.

"Hey!" Ciel barked.

"So my wife can speak?"

'So now I'm a women?! Who gave you the damn right to call me that?! You low life piece of trash!' "Shut up!" The young boy growled, piercing glares into the man's eyes. "I thought I told you never to touch me again!"

"You did not." Sebastian replied, running his hands across Ciel's flat stomach and yanked him to forcefully sit on his lap. "You may only think that because it went through your head, not your lips."

'W-what the hell...that bastard! I know what I said, and I remember specifically saying to never touch me again. So get your damn hands off of me and my skin now! Or else I'll rip them off of you and shove them so far down your throat, your prostate will be nudged! Would you enjoy that, your royal douche?'

The prince's index finger pulled the lower set of the plump lips downwards. 'You're asking for it pretty boy. Get your slimy, no good...wait...did I just call him pretty boy?! Damn you ass! You infiltrated my mind!' This action caused the boy to growl once again, and lunge forward to bite the waving digits in his sight.

"What a naughty master I have." The prince scolded in his own form of a seductive purr. Taking his finger quickly away from the growling teen.

Even though his body was enraged at what the prince was saying to him, he felt a shudder run down his spine. The teen was removed from the presence of the older man's lap, and sat in a tight ball in the farthest corner. 'Try getting your pedophile like hands on me now! Heheh!' But he did not have time to ravish in it.

The carriage came to an abrupt halt making the unbalanced teen wobble to his side until he fell to his side. 'God dammit! Why?! Why now?! Why now at all times?!'

"How cute." The prince chuckled, staring in awe at his flustered blushing bride. 'Don't speak to me, you arrogant prince, I don't deserve this.'

"You bastard!" Ciel hissed, his body awkwardly shifting so that it could now sit his back on the seat of the carriage.

"Now, now." The prince said scolding his new bride again. "That's no way to talk to your new husband."

"Fuck off you prick. I'll say whatever the fuck I want!" Annoyance boomed in his voice as well as it clearly showed in his expressions and body language.

"Wow...such vulgar language you possess. Is that how you truly feel?"

"That's how I've always felt. Right down to the moment you forced me to become your bride!" Ciel's blue eyes narrowed at the expressionless prince. 'Not only are you a arrogant prince, who only cares about himself, and his dead girlfriend. He's a clueless, arrogant prince who only cares about himself, and his dead girlfriend.'

"I see." The prince said as he reached forward and opened the carriage door until he could free himself from the confinements of the hellish ride.

'I can't believe this guy!' Ciel said to himself as his eyes widened at the shock of being abandoned. 'First he takes my first kiss then he ditches me in a carriage in a location I've never seen before! Some nerve!' "Excuse me!"

"You are excused." Sebastian replied not even giving his new wife the satisfaction of turning his body around.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" The boy demanded "Get your ass back here, now Sebastian!" A sigh escaped the prince's lips as his fingers pressed against the skin of his temple.

"Really now, young master." His body turned its direction, and slowly he made his way back to the carriage, where a fuming Ciel waited. "I mean, young mistress." The sarcasm still rang in his voice, he noticed the man who was steering the carriage was also listening to their conversation. "I mean, you still have two stable legs, don't you?"

"That's besides the point!" Ciel said furiously. "You abandoned me! Can you hear me? You left me here after all you did to me!"

"You're being a bit over dramatic, my dear. I mean..look." The prince turned his back away from the teen, pointing at the luxurious ship that was awaiting them. "The ship is only a few yards away."

"It doesn't matter! I can't believe you have the balls to just do this to me!"

Ciel was finally at his breaking point. Banishment or not, humiliation or not, he will let this prince have it.

"For starts, I'm practically auctioned with other ladies, just for your pleasure in picking and choosing to wed against their wills."

As Ciel continued to scold the prince, he decided that he had to shut this boy up as fast as he could. So, he grabbed Ciel by his slim waist, picking him up, and carrying them to the boat.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU BLOODY OAF?!" The enraged teenager struggled to free himself, punching the prince's firm chest until they began to sting, then finding strength to beat him even more.

"" Fatigue sprawled across the boy's body. Sebastian held him protectively in his arms, the dampened blue hair on the boy rested on the suit covered shoulders of the royal highness.

"Well my darling bride." He said softly, brushing the scattered strands off of the boy's tired face. Soon the two reached the white boat, and when they came upon the closed door, the prince reached forward opened the door to the yacht, knowing that it would be unlocked for them. "Let our journey to our paradise begin."

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