The Galanta's Power

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"Sarina!" I yelled in a panic

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" a piercing screech rang through the building. I know that  scream, that was Sarina.

Thirty six hours earlier

"Hey Madison! Wanna come over and ride my pony Luke, and then sleep over?" I read the text from Sarina out loud. "Yes yes yesss!!" I responded. Wait... I have cheer, I quickly realized. My fingers flew to type the sad message to Sarina.

"Mads, we need to leave early for cheer today." My older sister Kilin informed me.

"Why?" I asked

"I have to pick up something up something from work on the way."

"Okay, how early do we need to leave?"

"Probably 15 minutes. Okay?"

"Sure I'll go get ready." I said as my phone buzzed again. As I walked to the room I share with my twin sister Macey, I read the text from Sarina

"Aww! till when?" the message read.

"5:30" I quickly responded. I threw my phone on my bed and got spandex and a T-shirt that I grabbed from the top drawer. I started to close the drawer and caught a glance of a picture of my parents. I slowly reopened the drawer and grabbed the photo. I sat down on my bed and started to think about the unsolved mystery of what happened that night. I flashed back to that piercing image of both my parents lying dead in front of the Galanta, the statue of the Panawa in the town square. There were no wounds on their bodies and the homicide detectives found no poison in their blood. To this day, they still don't know what killed them. That was 6 years ago, I was only 8, but I still remember everything from the devastation to the confusion to the anger that still boils inside of me each time I think about it.

*bzzz* I snapped back into real life and looked down at my phone. Sarina's text said "Could you come over after?"

"Yea probably, lemme ask Auntite Liz" I typed. Before I hit the send button, Kilin yelled down the hall for me to hurry up.

"Coming" I yelled as I sent the message. I grabbed the photograph and threw it in the drawer as I grabbed my cheer bag.

As I walked into the kitchen to grab my water bottle auntie Liz walked in.

"Auntie, can I go over to Sarina's after practice?"

"Sure, to sleep over or what?" Liz asked.

"Yes ma'am, sleep over."

"Okay but you have to be home by 12 tomorrow because I need you to babysit the little ones."

"Okay I can do that. Can Kilin just take me straight there after practice?" I proposed

"If thats okay with her, yes." Auntie Liz answered

"Okay sweet!" I exclaimed "Kilin, can you drop me off at Sarina's after practice?"

"Yea sure." Kilin said as she grabbed her keys and walked to the door.

"Yay! Thanks." I said as I leaned in for a hug with aunt Liz. "Thanks, love you. See you tomorrow." I walked out the door and got in the truck. "Today is gonna be a good day" I thought to myself.

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