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That same morning

Carrie's POV

Who really invented school, someone who truly hates me that's who. I mean I know they didn't know me personally, but I picture them waking up one morning and saying let's make school. so that people like Carrie can suffer.


But it was time for me to wake up. I got up and went into the bathroom. I stripped naked and looked at myself in the full body mirror behind the door. I was extremely fair, unlike Steph, my legs were long but very skinny, and I had the slightest curve between my stomach and my hips. No wonder nobody liked me, I was hideous.

I stepped into the shower and bathed my ugly body. By the time I got out the shower, it was 10 mins till 8 I was definitely going to be late, might as well not go.

I got out the shower and put on my under garments, laid in my bed and fell back asleep.


Hey sorry I haven't and that this is really short but I've been busy because I have regents coming soon, so I'll probably do a short chapter for the next couple days sorry

- MsftKay_

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