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"Gabby your lieing" I said opening out door

"Okay here is a pic of the boys" she said

When I saw him agin I got butterflies in my stomach I keep staring at him and I didn't noticed he was In front of me

"HOLY SHIT" I said jumping a mile falling on my ass

"Wow I can make you jump a mile how about that"he said

"Nice one beau" someone said

"Who the fuck are you" I said to the guy behind beau.

"Umm jai" he said

"Oh okay" I said

"She. It a huge fan like me" justina

"Yeah after hearing you talk about James a lot i get tired" I said

"GABBY SHUT UP" she yelled hiding under her bed

"AWWW is little justina scared to let James know you dream we-" I got stoped after her tackling me


AWWW is little justina scared to let James know you dream we-" gabby got tackled bye justina

How much I love to watch the fight and half of there clothes off be great but I don't want one of them hurt.

"James get justina case well your blushing and I'll get gabby" I said

"BEAU SHUT UP" James yelled.

"Oh so you do like justina" I said

The girls stoped going at each other.

" beau I'm Waring you" James said

"Aww what are you gonna do baby" I said

He tackled me and we started to go at it like the girl.


We all stoped and looked at gabby.

"You don't want beau hurt" skip said she ran into the bath room crying

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