I woke up the next morning before my alarm could ring. I did my usual stuff in the morning, such as showering, shaving, brushing my hair and teeth, and other stuff like that. I took out a floral print skirt and a plain shirt and put them on. Bridget was making breakfast when I walked downstairs. She put some waffles on the table and I ate half before putting my shoes on and going to my car. I couldn’t stop thinking about what ticked of Mr. Sexy yesterday. Why did he get so mad over something silly? If Abbie wasn’t his daughter, than who was she? Curiosity flowed through me. I had so many questions to ask him.

I pulled up to the day care and got everything ready. Lily wasn’t here yet, which was unusual, since she’s always here before anyone else. I went over to Kacey, who also took care of her children.

"Hey Kacey, have you seen Lily?"

"No, She hasn’t called or anything." That’s not like her.

"Okay thanks." I gave her a smile, which she returned and then I left. I looked through the contact information and found Lily’s number. I took out my phone and gave her a ring.

"H-hello." Lily picked up the phone after four rings, coughing loudly.

"Hey Lily, I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay."

"Yeah," She paused, coughing. " I got sick and I can’t come in today."

"That’s okay, do you need anything?" I bit my lip, waiting for the answer.

"No, I’m fine, look out for Mr. Sexy." She said.

I let out a laugh. "Will do Lily, I hope you feel better, goodbye." I hung up the phone. Even when she’s not here, she’s here somehow.

Oddly enough, Mr. Sexy walked in first.

"Hello, I came to drop Abbie off." He said, his eyes raking my exposed legs. I felt a bit uncomfortable under his gaze.

"Uh yeah, I’ll take good care of her." I said.

"You better." He said at me then leaned down to Abbie’s height. "Be good." He said, kissing her hair and standing up again. He must have a soft spot for children.

"Well, goodbye Kylee." He winked, taking his lip between his teeth. I can’t believe he remembered my name. I blushed slightly and taking Abbie’s hand. Maybe I can get some information out of her.

"So sweetie, who was that?" I asked in a baby voice, trying not to scare her.

"My brother." That’s all she said. Her brother? So he’s not her dad? But they’re like eighteen years apart. I need more information, but I decided not to speak anymore. Mary-Ann came soon after followed by everyone else. I went over to Darren who was reading If you Give A Mouse A Cookie. Well, he wasn’t really reading it, more so looking at the pictures, but nevertheless, he was learning something.

"Hey Darren, you okay?" I asked the little boy.

"Yeah, I like reading." He smiled.

"That’s great." I ruffled his hair and got up to make everyone snacks. Today it was ants on a log, which was only a celery stick with peanut butter and raisins. Man I hate these things, but everyone else loved them. I called everyone to the table as they ate their snacks and fell asleep. Later, Mr. Sexy came by to collect Abbie.

"You're early." I say crossing my arms.

"I know." He responded, mirroring my actions.

"Well, she's still sleeping..so..."  I trailed off, not really knowing what to say.

"I'll wait until she's up." He stated.

"Fine." I continued to do my own thing, cleaning up and putting stuff away. I could feel his gaze following me. It's odd that he knows my name, but I don't know his. Should I ask him?

"What's your name?" I asked, the words slipping out of my mouth before I could stop them. I looked up at him waiting for a response, but all he did was smirk, with his arms still crossed. He was wearing a black shirt, but his muscles were visible and I wanted to touch them-badly.

"My name is Luke."

Luke, that suits him. A hot name for a hot guy.

"Why?" He asked.

"I was just curious. Do you prefer Luke or Mr.Hemmings?"

"Luke." He responded, which I'm glad for because Mr.Hemmings made him sound like a fifty year old man. I giggle at myself.


"Nothing."I respond.

"So is Abbie your sister?" I ask.

"You're a nosy thing aren't ya?" He grins and leans back on a wall.

"S-sorry." I stutter and turn away from him.

"She's my step-sister." He responds, which surprises me. No wonder Abbie doesn't have an accent. I look back at him and give him a nod to prove that I heard him. I don't want to ask anymore questions, so I'm thankful when Darren wakes up, followed by the rest.

Luke went over to Abbie, smiling really big and giving her a kiss on the cheek. He's so sweet around children.

"How was your day?" I heard his ask as I said goodbye to the rest of the children.

"That's fantastic!" He laughs and picks her up on his shoulders.

"Well, I don't know what you're doing, but Abbie seems to like it here." He says.

"I'm glad to hear that, and I think Mary-Ann might have some influence on her."

"Yeah, well I'll see you tomorrow."

"I don't work tomorrow, I only work Thursdays through Sundays."

"Than who's here Monday though Wednesday?"

"I think Lily, but it might be another person."

"Oh." He simply says before walking out without another word. He's so strange. Bridget was right, he seems shady.

I get in my car and drive home. Apparently Bridget went grocery shopping because she left a note saying so. The closest super market was only about five minutes away so she probably just walked. I made some mac and cheese and ate it then went upstairs in my room. I took my diary out and wrote in it.

Dear Diary,

Today I learned Mr. Sexy's name. His name is Luke. Hot isn't it? He is a bit shady, but Jesus, he's hot. His step sister was one of my new kids at the day care. I need more information on him, then I'll write more down, but for now, goodnight.


I closed the diary and set in my drawer. I went in my bed and messed around with Aaron's necklace, fiddling it around my fingers.

I heard Bridge come back, but I was too tired to go back downstairs so instead I just continued to lay there. Bridget would know that I'm sleeping, since I don't really go out, and its late. I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier moments later.

"Good night Aaron, I love you." I whispered before I feel into a deep sleep.



How are you doing today? :)



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