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"I had that dream again. I was floating above the city, just watching. Everything was just...chaotic. It was beautiful. I've never seen chaos and that, that was chaotic. I loved it, I wanted more." I looked up to see Mother Gale, one of the Power House's counselors staring at me with a passive expression. I leaned forward from my seat. "Mother Gale, what does that mean?" I asked desperately. She cleared her throat and and put her clip board down. "Young one, Gifts don't dream, but if you keep insisting that these visions you're experiencing are dreams then I suggest you keep these to yourself. If the Elders found out..I just cant imagine what they'd do." I nodded, stood up, bowed my head and exited the room. I don't understand what is going on. While in my little world, I wasn't watching where I was going and bumped into Leader Mie. Leader Mie is the leader for the special Gifts, Gifts like me. He was much different than the other leaders, he was more like a father figure, nice. I quickly bowed "I'm sorry Leader Mie, I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings." Leader Mie chuckled and put a hand on my shoulder "Don't worry Nevaeh, I too was once like you. Oh! Please do not forget of our plans this evening. We should really work on bringing you up to speed with the class. Wouldn't want you to slack, now would we?" I smiled and bowed my head again "No of course not Leader! I will see you this evening in the training yard." He paused to stare at me for a moment, moved his hand and walked away.

Being sure to pay attention to where I was going this time, I swiftly made way to my dorm down Corridor 2. Upon entering I saw Fay levitating a foot off her bed before she came falling down from her concentration having been broken when I came inside. She looked at me with exasperation and I laughed. "So where have you been? Checking out the Gifts in Corridor B?" she asked while moving her eyebrows suggestively. I laughed harder "Fay, for being part of the evolved species on Zenfera, youre not that evolved." She snickered "Pish, posh, Those old coupes need to lighten up" she started "just because we're significantly the most evolved doesn't mean we don't need to find reasons or ways to further evolve. There will be another dominant species, ones better, smarter than us." I shrugged, she was right anyway. One thing she didn't know, that no one knows except for a handful of carefully selected Gifts, there is a dominant species. They're hybrids of Gifts. Im one of them.

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