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*Chapter Two*


You can skip this chapter if you want. It just says what Emma and April have so far on their letters to the Magcon boys.

Dear Magcon,

Hi my name is Emma, and I love you guys so much! I'm always on your guys's pages on Instagram,vine, twitter, and everything else. I follow each and everyone of you on everything! You guys mean the world to me. When I said (wrote) "I love you guys so much!" I meant it. You all mean so much to me, you guys mean everything. I have have been to all of your events, and I leave thinking Man I wish I could meet them! I love them so much! I would die if I met them!


Emma Washington

P.s. If I win here's my number~~ 555-333-2222. (A/N don't actually call the number. It's fake)

Dear Magcon Boys,

Hey! My name is April... April Washington that is. I'm a huge fan of your guys's! Like you have no idea how much I love you guys! Like (not to be creepy or anything) I would kill someone to meet you guys. I've even been to most of your tour or event things. I would take someone else's ticket to see you guys. That's how much I love you guys! I've know you guys since the beginning. I don't know about anyone else but.... You guys like mean the world to me! Every time I go to one of you events I freak out and scream the whole time. I can't function seeing you guys! I just flip out. I would seriously cry if I met you guys.


April Washington

Ps. If I win here is my number~ 1-555-444-777. (A/N don't call this number either. It's fake too)

A/N if you read this..... Cool!!!

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