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I woke up and looked at my Captain America poster plastered on my wall in front of me. I couldn't help but smile.

Finn pops up in my mind each time I look at the poster. Finn was a sweet kid, no lie. He was so comforting and I felt like I could tell him anything even though I met him yesterday. He was the kind of person you could trust with everything.

I looked at my messages and I had one from Lydia. I didn't bother to look at it. I already knew it was about Austin.

I laid in my bed for about five more minutes then got up and made my bed. No, it isn't an myth that people actually make their bed right when they get out of it. There is one thing you wouldn't know about me. I'm a freaking neat freak.

I walked into my closet and pulled the varsity jacket that Spencer gave me off the hangar. In hesitated if I should put it on or not. I sighed after I put it back in the closet. I missed Spencer just a little. Not a lot. Just a little. Like an tad bit. Not all that much. I slipped on a pair of pants I found at a different mall than last time. I reached in my shirt section and pulled out my new shirt. The one that said "Quarterback's Girlfriend".

I looked at my clock. I have an hour until school starts. I ran into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. I sprayed my hair with my perfection concoction. I ran back into my room to put on my new Keds and went back into the bathroom to do my makeup.

I applied everything in my makeup bag and walked casually into the kitchen. I pulled out pop tarts and put them in the toaster. I waited for what seemed like forever and jumped with fear when they popped up. I grabbed a plate in the cabinet and put my pop tarts on it. I sat at my lonely table and bit into the piping hot pop tart.


I pushed open the doors to my newly improved high school and checked my surroundings. None of the people have changed.

My Keds scraped against the tiled floor as I was pushed against the locker.

I had no time to see who it was because whoever that person was, punched me in my stomach and my body automatically curled.

I was being watched by a crowd of people screaming "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

I was being punched and kicked repeatedly by the mysterious person that was so vicious they could easily pass a murderer. I wouldn't be surprised if my remains were revolving around a distant planet.

That person kept throwing punches at me like I was a freaking punching bag. I was prepared for another punch but it didn't come. I just heard multiple "Are you ok?"s and "OMG are you alright?"s.

I felt familiar arms wrap around me as I limped towards the nurse's office. That same comforting voice that I have heard recently. They helped me walk partially the way and when they thought I was ready to walk on my own, they let go and I fell. I felt hopeless.

The bell rang and the crowd of people dispersed. There was only one person left. That one person who helped me get back up, but my eyes were to swollen to see who it was. I tried to speak but he hushed me in a couple of words.

I was helpless. No school nurse could cure me. I was walked in and laid on a tiny nurse cot and was asked what my parent's number was.

"My parents are dead." I managed to get out.

"Any close relatives?" the nurse asked me, no sympathy.

"My sister." I told her Rebecca's number and tried to shift to my side. I couldn't. I couldn't do anything.

The boy that helped me get here rubbed my head and walked to the sitting area. I think.

I fell asleep upon the uncomfortable cot.

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