Part 2:

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(A/N: Owkaaaaayyy another round of chat! xD Let me know what you think of it! xD)

hellokittyXXX has logged in.

SaviorofHumanity has logged in.

hellokittyXXX: What a shitty day this is… *sighs*

SaviorofHumanity: What is ‘shitty’?

hellokittyXXX: O_O …JC?!

SaviorofHumanity: Ciao, imouto! :D

hellokittyXXX: Y-you have an IM account?!

SaviorofHumanity: Yeah, Dad said I should also have one in order to be updated in my surroundings. :D Isn’t this awesome?

hellokittyXXX: I find it weird… O_O

SaviorofHumanity: Eh?! But why? You expect me to go: “Follow my order and let us praise my Father who have brought goodness and perfection…etc”? Pft, that’s how they see me but that’s not how I really work and besides we’re in the 21st century already.

hellokittyXXX: wow, I guess you are cooler in person, JC.

SaviorofHumanity: ^o^ Yes I am, imouto, thanks to you and your cool hobbies! So what is bothering you? Spill.

hellokittyXXX: Eh…nothing

SaviorofHumanity: C’mon, no need to be shy. I’ll like it if you open to me, Mary. I am your big brother.

hellokittyXXX: …I have many brothers. Is this for real? Why is that?

SaviorofHumanity: Tehehehe, that’s a secret. Can’t tell you about it.

hellokittyXXX: *pouts* As expected, JC.

SaviorofHumanity: Well..the only thing I can promise you is that I will never leave you, imouto and even if you get lost in the middle of Ortigas Avenue I will be with you.

hellokittyXXX: >o< no need to remind me!

SaviorofHumanity: xD hahahaha! Just kidding around. Oops, gotta get going. I’ll see you later, imouto.

SaviorofHumanity has logged out.

hellokittyXXX: …mmm…JC is so cool for real ^_^

LeaderArchangelLovesMary has logged in.

hellokittyXXX: Holy Shit! Gotta jam!! O_O

hellokittyXXX tried logging off. Did not work.

hellokittyXXX: Waaahhh  me no log out?!! Y?! Y?!

LeaderArchangelLovesMary: I did something in the chat system, I want to talk to you, Mary.

hellokittyXXX: No!! Leave me alone, Michael!

LeaderArchangelLovesMary: Why do you avoid me? I do not wish to harm you, my love. You do not know what you are doing, Damon is just playing with your heart.

hellokittyXXX: I don’t want to talk about this, Micha… please. Not here.

LeaderArchangelLovesMary: No matter what you do you will always return to me and that will not be change.

Sexyeyepatchdemon has logged in.

Sexyeyepatchdemon: Think hacking the system will keep me away from Bambina, Archangel? I don’t think so.

LeaderArchangelLovesMary: Get out of here, Damon.

Sexyeyepatchdemon: Heck should I listen to you?

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