The wanted imagines

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How he tells you he loves you


The rain knocking on the house was all you two heard through out the house as you two cuddled on the couch. You both had woken up to it and decided to stay like that . "Babe", max whisper after a mental fight with himself wether to disturb the silence or not. "Yes max" you answerd, " I ..... I um ... I love you....I love you a lot actually. finding it hard to talk with the big grin on your face you replied "I love you to, but what made you say it all of the sudden." seeing how you two have been dating for 7 almost 8 months. " nothing it's just that I have been wanting to tell you the dirt time we meet but the line "love at first sight " sounded kinda cheesy so I wanted to wait so I didn't scare you away" Max said while looking at you almost like he was trying to read your mind. "well max I believe in love at first sight I've been nervous to tell you to but know that's it out in the open we don't have to worry about it now." "I guess not ,"max says but then quickly says" oh and I'll be telling you this all the time now." "I won't mind ."you reply

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