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She could feel it. Right in her core. She couldn’t wait any longer, especially with her period coming on soon….

She needed this and she would do anything to get it.

Well first, she would have to think of something to imply her needs to Harry. Him being a little on the dull side made it harder for her to communicate with him. I mean, don’t get me wrong Harry is a bright lad, did pretty damn well in chemistry and music, but he wasn’t always at his ‘wits’,  if you know what I mean…

Sage had been implying to Harry that she wanted sex… for what? three years… I can’t remember its honestly been a while…

Her still being a virgin at the age of 16, while her other friends whored around with other guys just didn’t seem fair. I mean she definitely wasn’t ugly, in 6th grade the guys at her school had compiled a list of the hottest girls in the school, and it wasn’t even a surprise that Sage was at the very top. And when she met Harry her life was absolutely perfect.

But now it was starting to become a problem… I mean how dumb can Harry be, she has been dropping hints ever since they got accepted into the same high school. And now today, she knew that she would get what she wanted.


I quickly found the lingerie set I had bought at vs and slipped the matching lace underwear on. I looked in the mirror knowing that I would slay all those other bitches.

I slipped on a loose shirt and some shorts and quickly rushed down the stairs waiting for Harry's arrival.

When the doorbell rang throughout the house I hastily opened the door. I quietly praised my parents for being away on a road trip to Vegas. I would now have my way with Harry, without any interruptions...

“Hey bae!” Harry pecked my cheek smiling down at me. He was dressed in a grey sweater and jeans. God, fetus Harry is so hot I said under my breath.  

I grabbed his hand almost tripping over steps as we made our way upstairs. Once we made it to my room I sat him on the bed, locking the door behind us.

“Harry, I need you.” I quickly took off his shirt flinging it on to the floor. My hands traveled up his torso feeling his pudgy yet defined abs.

“Harry I want you inside me.” My shirt was quickly discarded and I was laid on the bed.

“Beg for it.” His raspy voice said into my ear quickly nipping it.

“I want you inside me now!” I demand slapping his chest.

“Damn bitch chill out” He says while removing my underwear.

“Sorry, Im just being really emotional because my period is coming up in a little and I just don’t want to have to buy tampons and pads because they’re really expensive and sometimes I just want chocolate and I feel really hormonal and like the blood always gets on my she-”

“do you mind… you’re kind of killing the mood.” He says while unclasping my bra.

“Oh, yah. sorry.” awkward...

“How deep do you want me?” He asked kissing my neck. My breath became uneven as he fondled my nipples.

“Really deep.” I whispered in his hair tugging it slightly. He moaned traveling down my stomach with a trail of wet kisses.

“Your wish is my command.” I watched as he grinned. I quickly flipped over getting on all fours. I read on tumblr that it’s the best way to have intercourse.

“I’m so nervous Harry.” I whisper, feeling Harry’s hands prodding at my crotch.

“Don’t be… “

I soon scream feeling Harry plunge deep into my pussy, head first. I feel his curls inside me and then his nipples. Harry is now deep inside of me, his feet are barely sticking out of my vagina.

I feel him in my heart.

I feel his heart pounding next to my heart.

This is how love is supposed to be made. Connected, joined as one.

It amazes me how Harry was able to fit in there.

I whisper “Wow, that’s deep.”

I lose consciousness falling onto the bed, with Harry deep inside me.

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