Unexpected Visitor part 2

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                   *Jeff's Pov*

"Oh Jeff...," I heard someone say behind me. "Did you really think I wouldn't find you? I wouldn't see you again?" I froze and slowly turned around, praying who I thought was there wasn't there. When I saw her I froze. Oh sh*t........
Jane... I thought. There she was standing there with an evil smirk on her face. She had her knife gripped tightly in her hand and her black eyes seemed to be looking right through me. We did NOT have a great backround story.

"Oh, how I have been dieing to do this." she said, snapping me out of my thoughts. She lunged at me and I dodged in time. She landed on her hands and knees and chuckled.

"You know, Jeff, I learned some new tricks while I was looking for you." and with that she disappeared. I looked around frantically. Suddenly, I felt a breeze behind me and before I could turn around, I felt a knife to my throat and I froze.

"I got you now, Jeff." but before she could do anything, I stabbed her in the stomach with my knife. She screamed in pain and let me go. Yes! I thought. She's not as good as I expected her to be.

"You son of a bi*ch!!!" she screamed at me, clutching her wound as she knelt on the floor. I smirked. "I've been called worse."

She glared at me and if looks could kill, well I would be slashed to ribbons by now. She shakily stood up and faced me.

"Ohh, your gonna get it now." She placed her palm on her wound. "Enhanca healium protegum." she chanted. Fu*k. She has MAGIC?  She sighed in relief. Then she raised her hands in the air and broke a branch off a tree. She has telekinesis too!?!?! By this point I was zig-zagging through the trees trying to lose her. However, I thought to soon and got my hopes up all to fast because before I knew it, I was hit in the back of my head hard by a tree branch and I blacked out. The last thought I had was of Vivi.


                  *Vivi's POV*

I have been searching for Jeff for an hour now. I was using my super speed to cover more ground.

I also contacted Slender and a few other of the creepypastas to help. They had a theory that another CP named Jane the killer had something to do with his absence. Apparently they had bad history together.

I searched through 2 towns and the West and South side of the woods.

Right now I was making my way through the East side and I stopped abruptly when I smelled something metallic. I walked instead of super speeding back a few steps following the smell till it got stronger. I knelt down and found the earth slightly damper there. I raised my hand and looked at it. My finger tips are red. I carefully sniffed my hand and recoiled with my nose scrunched up. It was blood. I stood up and closed my eyes and felt the energy around me. I gasped. There was magic here. I then used my telekinesis to contact the others and told them where I am.

Our little search group involved Slender man, Smile dog, EJ, Ben, and me. Everyone else was busy or we couldn't contact them. Slender man arrived first since he had teleportation. "What happened, child?" he asked I pointed to the floor then showed him my fingers. "I found blood and I sense magic was used around here. And its not me." I stated and he stiffened. Smile dog then appeared, then Ben and EJ. I did what I did to Slender man to them and Smile went to smell the blood. He sniffed and immediately growled and started barking viciously. "Whoa," Ben said. "That can't be Jeff's blood or else he would be running around excitedly and barking happily"

"No sh*t Sherlock." I spat at him.

"Eesh. Just trying to lighten the mood." he defended. I growled at him.

"Calm down child. Now Smile, can u tell Vivianna who's blood that is?" Slender said. Me and Smile have strange connection. We are able to communicate with each other. Same thing with Slender and Jeff. Exept, Smile isn't able talk to Slender. Only Slender can talk to Smile. Weird huh? Anyway, Smile gave Slender what appeared to be a nod and looked at me. In my head, I heard Smile's gruff voice say, "The blood belongs to Jane the killer."

I stiffened and paled.

"Who's is it Vivi?" EJ asked.

"Jane." I said distracted. Everybody stiffened. I was to busy thinking of ways to kill her to notice. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Slender.

"Is it possible that Jane could have been taught magic? I thought it was only genetic." I asked him.

"Sadly it is child." he answered. I sighed. I then turned to Smile.

"Please tell me you are able to track scents." I said to him. He barked happily. "Yes!" I cheered. He started running off and I followed. I'll find you Jeff. Then I'll kick Jane's butt.

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