Moren Foxel

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Moren hated to think of himself as an average, happy-go-lucky teenager, but he figured since everyone thought that was what he was, that was what he must be. He didn't have stellar grades at school, he didn't really like sports, books bored him, he wasn't overly popular, he was just average. It was devastating when he first came to that conclusion, but nothing could really keep him down for long. Moren almost always had a smile on his face. His mom often told him the story about how when he was very young, at his grandfather's funeral, he walked around in his little tuxedo and lectured everyone who was crying on how grandfather was much better now. He felt embarrassed thinking of it now, but he guessed it was cute when little him did it. His grandma didn't really appreciate it, though.

Moren had lived in this Californian town all his life, and so had his dad. He got the feeling his mom had wanted to leave when her husband ran off, but she never had the heart. The place was her home now. Moren hoped time would heal her. He couldn't really remember his dad at all, apart from how his hair looked; a brown tight, curly afro. And this he only knew because it was his hair too.

He was good with people. He always thought that was his best quality. He could start a conversation with almost anyone. Despite this, though, he had very little friends. Tons of acquaintances, but not really true companions. Maybe that was because he held such high expectations for friendship. You had to be loyal, you had to be trustworthy, you had to hate gossiping and love eating as much as he did. It was very hard to find that these days, but he just couldn't settle for less. Wouldn't. His only good friend, he supposed his best friend, was Samuel Jonesing, probably the richest boy in the whole school. His friend should have been in the in-crowd with all the other heirs and heiresses, and they sure wanted him to, but he didn't seem to like them. He was very quiet and brooding, something that made him look totally intimidating on his motorcycle, but he was nice. He was a good listener too, something Moren appreciated as he talked a lot. Sam was cool and Moren undoubtedly wasn't, that's what made him so happy when they hung out together. He was truly a good friend. He wasn't into gaming, but Moren was working on it.

Moren wasn't all that interested in girls, either, unlike a lot of guys his age. He thought they were pretty, sure, but he'd rather have a video game. Could girls take out an entire pig-headed alien army with a sniper rifle and a few grenades? He didn't think so. At least, that's what he had thought until he saw her. He had been with Sam, after the last class of schools had let out, in one of the town's tiny grocery stores. They were buying cokes or something and they were waiting on line. He had been telling some stupid story to Sam, who had a rueful, small smile on his mouth, when Moren had looked up and seen the most beautiful girl in his life. She had brown hair, with subtle purple highlights in it, and it was pulled back in a ponytail. She had a tanned face, dark eyes with so much coolness in them, and oh, she was perfect. He didn't know if it was love at first sight or what, but he was practically drooling. His eyes followed her until she left the store, and still stayed on the door long after it shut.

"Keely Rickens," Sam said quietly, paying for the cokes and knocking Moren out of his daydream.

"Wha?" He answered, disoriented. Sam laughed slightly-a rarity- and started towards the door, drinks in hand.

"That girl you were mooning over, her name's Keely Rickens." He repeated, shielding his eyes from the Summer sun while Moren simply squinted, half from the light reflecting off of Sam's lemon-colored hair, half from confusion.

"How do you know?" He demanded, forgetting to deny that he had been "mooning". Oh God, he thought, what if Sam likes her too? I can't compete with Sam! He's rich! And he's got blonde hair! And a motorcycle!

Sam shrugged, "She goes to our school. Plus, her dad knows my dad." Moren's gaze went back to the door with wonder. How come he'd never seen her in school? He knew everybody! Well, maybe not personally, but still... She must've kept her head down. Sam smirked and started walking down the street, pulling out a coke, one of those cool, glass bottles and tossed it to Moren, "Just moved here. I guess you've got the Summer to meet her." Moren smiled brightly and jogged to keep up with his taller friend, a bounce in his step. He looked down at his drink and realized it was a bottle and he didn't have a bottle-opener...

"Uh... Sam?" He questioned, pulling at the metal cap with his hand, "How do we open these?"

That night, he laid on his bed, head resting on his crossed arms leisurely. That girl, Keely's, eyes were still in his head. Suddenly, Summer looked a lot more exciting. He heard a ding from his computer that meant someone had sent him a message and rolled over, ninja-style, to check it. Some kid from school wanted to challenge him in a gaming match. Poor kid. He glanced at his watch and grinned. His mom would be out til late working, time for an all-nighter on his computer. School was finally over and Moren was planning to hang out with Sam, game, and practice his people-watching on a certain new student.

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