Chapter 17

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Katie's POV:

After breakfast I promised Nash that we would go buy the flowers and chocolate for Lexi. We didn't want anyone to make a big deal that we were leaving so we just said that I didn't feel good and Nash was going to stay with me. Everyone believed us except for Cam and Hayes. We went up to my room so I could grab my purse and we could leave. Cam and Hayes were waiting for us outside the my room because they knew something was going on. We finally agreed on telling them, but we made them promise not to tell anyone. We told them we'd be back in an hour or two.

Nash's POV:

Since all the girls lived in SF they knew where to go. They said they would show us around during the week. Me and Katie went to the mall to get everything we needed for Lexi. I decided on buying her an infinity necklace too. I was getting even more nervous than u was before. When we got back to the hotel Magcon was about to start. They introduced us all and the girls stayed backstage.

Belle's POV:

Katie hasn't been spending a lot of time with us. We all knew she was hiding something from us, but we didn't know what it was. It was our mission to figure out what it was. We didn't know much, but we did know it had something to do with Nash. She wasn't dating him because she was dating Hayes, but something was going on.

Lexi's POV:

Katie's been spending a lot of time with Nash. I needed to figure out why there were together all the time. I woke up super early this morning and Katie wasn't in the hotel room and she didn't leave any notes. I was kind of worried because whenever she goes somewhere she leaves us a note. When she came back she acted like nothing happened. And whenever we all take the limo she always sits next to Hayes on one side and Nash on the other. At first I thought she was just trying to get to know Nash, but today after breakfast when she said she felt sick and Nash was going to stay with her I knew something was up. I was going to figure it out!

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