The Past,The Present,And The Famila

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Mariah P.O.V

I woke the next morning with a pair of strong arms wrapped around me.I was so comfortable in this position,Even though I knew it was Quan somehow I felt safe in his and not because he my body guard but I don't know so I shook the feeling away.I got up and looked for my phone when I realized Quan wasn't asleep.

"What you looking for?"He said in a groggy voice sitting up.Even this nigga morning voice is cute.smh.

"My phone I can't find It I had in the bed with me when I went to sleep"I said looking under the bed.

"This one" he said holding up my phone"I found it."

"Yea"I said grabbing my phone and unlocking it and sitting down

"Uh your welcome"

"Oh yeah thank you"

"Rude ass"he said before muffing me in the head and snatching my phone.

"Give me back my phone"I whines trying to get it out his hand.That was no luck cause he stood up and put his hand over his knowing he way taller than me and I can't reach.So I stood up on the bed."Give me my damn phone"I said getting mad.

"Aww you getting mad"he laughed.

"That's not funny,ima tell my dad that you let me get shot at yestarday and I almosted died if you don't give me back my phone"I said with a evil smirk.

"Give me a kiss"

"Boy did you not hear what I just said"

"I heard you loud and clear,give me a kiss and I'll give you your phone"

"Hell No!"

"you so adorable when you mad"He said pulling me closer to him.

"Quan move n-"

He cut me off by kissing me.It felt right at the time so I Kissed back.He pulled me down onto the bed so he was hovering over me with his hands on each side me.He deepened the kiss and tried to get me to my mouth open but I pulled away before he could put his tongue in mouth.

"Uh un I don't where yo tongue been"

"In my mouth"He said with a smirk on his face.

"Nah you could be a eater"I said giggling

"No that shit is nasty"He said looking at with a stank face.

"for you it is but can you get from over me"I laughed

"Nah I like this position"He said biting his lip.

"Please Kwanny"I said poking out my bottom lip.

"You lucky you cute"He said getting from over me.

Yeah we Kissed but it was innocent it ain't like he wants me anyways he's just a flirt .

"Bestfriend we should match today and stunt on these hoes"I said making him crack up laughing and almost choking on his water."Ight we can do that,change clothes and we gone head out to buy our outfits"he said standing up walking out my bedroom.

I came downstairs and he was waiting at the door."I'm not leaving til I eat breakfast."I said making him roll his eyes"Girl me can go to McDonalds and get something to eat".

"You gay for rolling yo eyes at me"I said trying to hold in my laughter.

"Nigga I like pussy and only that"He said getting angry and walking out the door to his car.I followed him and we hopped in the car.We were driving for a while then I asked "Where are we?".

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