Blessing P.O.V

Last night was awesome.

And I let Alexa re-dye my tips. Now they are all curly and rainbow. Yasss.

I texted Niall throughout the whole night. It went like this:

From: Nandos

Cant wait to hang out with you

To: Nandos

Me too. And Lexi is dying and curling my hair. Its going to be rainbow.

From: Nandos

That will look amaZAYN. Night babe!

To: Nandos

Night Nialler

I couldn't stop thinking about Niall. His hair is probably so soft and his teeth have braces. I love braces and I don't know why. I just find it so cute. They made you look so innocent. Thank god Alexa agreed to drive. Because if I did we would have gotten into an accident by now. I felt a jolt and we were in front of a large mansion. It didn't look like other mansions. It was blue.

After a while I saw a white limo pull up and Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam hopped out. The other girls hopped out and walked to the guy they like. Each had a picnic basket. They all stalked off in different direction.

It took Niall a few minutes to come out. Niall was wearing a blue polo shirt and khakis. He looks so good. I thought we were going to hang out together. But this is good too. When we got to the park which is awesome by the way, we pigged out.

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