Am back bitchez !!

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'Beep Beep' " hurry the fuck up motherfuckers I dont got all damm day " I yelled at every car that hot in my way , I know what your thinking that I have a swearing prob I kinda do . I pulled up to my old bestfriends house caroline forbs I cant wait to see her I havent seen for over two decades.

I walked up to her door step and rang the door belll in exactly about three point one seconds the door was swung open and there stood caroline shocked as a mother fucker literally "wtf" were thw only wor d s that came out of her mouth and locked me into a bone crushing hug she started sobbering which made feel alittle guilty for leaving her .

"zanny where have you been " she said looking me in the eye " here and there " I said tryna be funny but she didnt laugh she just stood there staring at me  " you know damon been looking for you ever since you left" she said " I know " I whisperd on the verge of tears she pulled me into a hug again and said dont ever leave me again .

~ one hour later~

"hey caroline we should go kick it at the grill " said grinning like an idiot " yeah sure but, should change first , unless you want guys hitting on you" she said winking " why whats wrong am not showing eny skin " I said examining my outfit I had  my hair in  perfect culs that reached my waist and a gray cozy hoodie and black leggings with my white high top nike's  " nothings wrong I just even though your wearing that guys can still get all horny , and my point is I dont want any guy to come between are bonding time " she said sheepishly " oh care I wont let that happen okay am all yours " I said and pecked her cheek we walked out front to the car.

" okay so whos driving " care asked I was really tired from the drive here so not up for it " care you drive I said throwing the keys at her . it took about three mintues to get there .

we walked in  and everyone turned to stare " why are they staring " I whidperd to care " cause your new hawtte in town duh " she said we walked over to a booth and sat down care sat right next to me it was kinda werid cause she usaully sits in front of me . wait a minute she waiting on someone " care who are we waiting on " I asked  she looked surprised  and looked at me right away " okay zanny dont be mad I kinda told elena bonnie stefan that you just came back in town " omg I cant belive her if this gets to damon I dont know what ill do .

" dont worry I dont think that theyll tell him " she said giveing me hope , before I could say a word elena stefan bonnie and the one person ive been avoiding came in  no othere 'damon' and my god he looks so damm fine . I looked away and ran to the bathroom I hid in a stall and locked it .


"HEY CARE " they all said in fushion they looked around to see if she was here " so were is she caroline " elena said looking confused " I dont know , you no what I think I probly confused with some else sorry " I said feeling bad for lieing " cut the crap care you said you talked to her" damon snapped at me woow to go you caught in own lie why am I talking to myself " okay okay she dosent want to see you guys , I went behind her back and told you guys she was here and she got mad and hid in the restroom" I said

" ill go talk to her " elena said as she walked towards the restroom " so care does she look the same " stefan asked tryna make covo " omg stef dont even get me started shes fuckin ' Hot'" I said grinning real big at this damon looked at us .


" elena just stop I dont wanna see damon  wanna leave it was a mistake coming back " said making elena cry "please zanny I dont want you to leave me again please " elena said I felt so bad I hugged her " I wont ever leave you again " I whisperd  she looked up at me " really " she asked " yes really but I got to go elena I so tired I havent slept all day " I said hugging her goodbye and walking out of the bathroom I could feel damon and stef looking at me but I ignored it and went straight up to care

" ready to go care " I said smiling at her " yeah sure lets go let me just get my stuff " she said before walking off  "your not going enywhere you just got here " damon said I looked at him he was beyond mad he looks hot when hes angry " wtf is your problem am tired and I wanna leave so like dont tell what to do damon !!!

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