The Doctor was sitting on the edge of the known universe. Not talking, not moving, just thinking. Thinking about all the lives he had lived. This is the 17th regeneration and the pain still hasn't faded. He loved her. He still loves her. Why did he ever leave her? Why didn't he take her when he had the chance. He could have just left that imposter of a doctor. At this moment in time he has never felt so alone, so empty.

I could always- no that could destroy the universe.

But maybe if I just- no still too risky.

He had just recently regenerated and he barely knows who he is.

I don't want to go sticking ideas in my head when I don't how this man will react.

Still it's always worth a try.

I really need to stop having these mind chats. They clearly aren't helping.

His thoughts were interrupted when he thought he heard a noise from behind.

Doctor. The voice whispered. Doctor. The voice continued to raise its volume. The Doctor turned his back to the dead space he was previously looking at. He walked back towards the console of the TARDIS. When he reached the main controls the doors slammed shut. The unforgettable wheezing sound of the TARDIS began. He was being transported, but where? After a few minutes the TARDIS had landed. The TARDIS teleported him outside the Canary Wharf. He turned to enter back into the TARDIS but it wouldn't let him. He looked at the streets and skies and new exactly what day this was. This was the day he lost the love of his lives, this was the day he lost Rose. The Doctor ran into the building and up the stairs. He watched from afar as the old Doctor and Rose prepared to open the void. He watched in agony as Daleks and Cybermen alike were sucked into the deep pit of nothingness. Each second he was prepared to see Rose be lost again. He couldn't bear the thought of losing her again. The pull into the void for him was not strong considering he was newly regenerated. New body means new void residue. This gives him the golden opportunity of saving her. Her fingers began slipping. He recalled the memory in agony. He held his breath as he sprinted to save Rose. Her fingers slipped from the lever. The new Doctor jumped and grabbed her. He landed on the ground with a thump. Luckily she was in his arms screaming and not in the void. He looked up and saw exactly what he expected. Standing in front of him was Pete trying to catch his daughter.

"Not today." The new Doctor said delighted. He jumped up and pushed the big yellow button that Pete held. Within seconds nothing stood there. The entrance to the void was closed and Rose was safe. He looked down at her as a tear went down his cheek. He held out his hand for her to take. She looked back up at him. She looked confused and afraid. "What, do I look that bad? I mean I haven't exactly had the time to look in a mirror-"

Rose cut the new Doctor off before he could finish. "Thank you." She took his hand as he helped her up.

The tenth Doctor came up to them.

He cleared his throat. "I'm the Doctor and this is Rose Tyler. Who would you be?" He held out his hand.

"I'm-" The new Doctor froze not knowing what to say.

The tenth Doctor looked at him for a second for a reply. He turned to Rose and hugged her. "I'm so glad you're okay, I thought I was going to lose you." He whispered in her ear. After a short embrace, the tenth Doctor turned to face the man. "What's happening to your face?" The old Doctor said.

The new Doctor held a hand up to his face to feel it. He was fading away. The realization finally struck the old Doctor.

"You're me aren't you?" He asked.

The new Doctor nodded.

"You came back and changed the future." The tenth Doctor was stating more than he was asking.

"If I didn't Rose wouldn't be here. Her father would have taken her to the other universe. The next time you would have seen her would have been during regeneration. You end up creating a human Doctor and Rose spends her life with him. Trust me, you don't want that to happen. You will feel empty for the rest of your days." The new Doctor said.

"I'm thankful you did but I have a few questions. First off, do I really look like THAT? Second, are you my next regeneration? And third do you realize what you've done?" The tenth Doctor spat out the last question.

"Yes you look like this, why is there anything wrong with me? No, I'm not your next generation, I'm your seventeenth including the Doctor I know you'd like to forget. And yes, I've realized what I've done. I've changed the future, but there were some things that needed changing." The new Doctor replied.

"Yeah, I mean there isn't anything terrible about you. A lot better than some of them, but seriously you're wearing plaid. Is that even a thing anymore?" The tenth Doctor started. "Come on, seventeen regenerations isn't even possible. And what could possibly need changing?"

The new Doctor's life began fading even faster. His dark green eyes and jet black hair was replaced with the fiery light that engulfed him. Within seconds he was gone. The room was just now the tenth Doctor and Rose.

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