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Rory was a smart 15 year old boy who wasn't normal. He was different. And not in a good way is what people would say.

His mother said he'd spend too much time in his room reading books and listening to songs. His brothers and sister said that his music taste was a little off. It wasn't anything they were used to. Kids at school said he was "a devil worshipper." His uncle was disappointed in him. He thought he should play sports and go to parties.

The only one who thought Rory was normal was his aunt. She was a kind and fun brunette who was in her early thirties. She thought that Rory was normal. And by normal she meant himself. She believed that his music taste was best for him and that his books suited him better than sports.

Rory wasn't the kind who was open to everyone. He's had trust issues ever since he was 13. He's had some troubles as well.

Poor Rory has a lot of illnesses. He has social anxiety, depression, anorexia, and a few others. So many people believe for these to be excuses for things but they aren't. Teachers believe that these are just small lies for getting out of doing a group project or for missing school. But these are just as important as physical illnesses like the Flu and a cold.

Rory has been testing out small things in his room. He does this when he's a lone.

But what happens when he meets someone who he wishes to protect for all eternity. Someone who understands him when his family doesn't. Someone who he'd cast a dark spell for.

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