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**Alice's POV**

Today is the day, I thought to myself as I sat on my couch in silence. The lights were out, the curtains were pulled, no radio or television was on. And here I am, sitting stark naked in this emptiness. I was tired of being like this room, empty. Emotions only ranged from content to miserable and the only time I would be content would be when I was high.

And then Oliver entered my life. First it was BMTH and I felt a little better when I heard his voice screaming those words. Back then, my world had already shattered to pieces around me and they helped me start to figure it out but contentedness never lasted long and I came to another point of giving up.

And now real life Oliver Scott Sykes was in my life, I felt happy. It was foreign and strange to, me but I couldn't say I didn't like it. Life was easier, and made sense and I could breath. People think breathing is simple, just something you've got to do to survive. But for me, it's always been different. When I was a kid, I would force myself to hold my breath to see how long it would take before I passed out. Breathing always complicates things. See, if you don't breath then you die. And death is so much easier than living. It scares me that even as a child I saw life like that.

But now I understood. Life is fragile and it will always be that way. A wrong step, unfortunate DNA, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Little things, but each one can end your life. Like breathing. A single breath to make or break your life.

I suddenly sucked in a forced breath. I ran my hands over my dirty hair and pulled the hair bands from my wrist. Instead of just tying it up, I put them on the table and headed to the bathroom for a nice warm, long shower to calm my nerves.

Oliver loves me and I love him, I tell myself as the water runs over my body. I couldn't tell if I was crying or not since the water was running over my face but the short breaths I was taking told me I was. Life's fucking hard but you can do it, i said my little pep talk to pull myself together and put on a smile for Oliver. He doesn't deserve me being a depressed bitch around him.

**Oli's POV**

I picked up my bags and headed towards the exit, I wasn't even sure if Alice was picking me up or not. I had some money with me but it wouldn't be Canadian money. I looked around the large room with floor to ceiling windows at the exit. The light shone through, blinding me for a second before I raised my hand to shield my eyes.

I scanned the faces and quickly spotted Alice coming through the door. She looked different. Her hair was shorter, just hitting her collar bones and was also lighter, a nice natural light brown. She wore a long-sleeve v-neck shirt with black pyjama pants that had yellow smiley faces on them. All she had was her phone and keys in her hands. Her bangs were longer now and covering her eyes as she typed something into her phone.

"Alice?" I whispered, barely audible to my ears but her head snapped up, a smile quickly spreading to her face. I leaned down slowly, still looking at her, to put down my suitcases. She started to walk towards me as I stood up again and walked towards her.

We both quickened our paces as we reached each other and when our bodies collided together, we were both at full speed. I wrapped my arms around her small waist and picked her up and spun her around. She giggled sweetly as I put her down.

As I pulled away, I looked at her. She looked beautiful. Tears shone in her eyes and I could feel them in mine too. "I love you," I said, not hiding my feeling anymore.

"I love you too, Oliver," she said smiling but tears were now running down her cheeks. I reached out and wiped a tear away.

"I-" tears choked out my voice but I pushed the words through, "I will never leave you or hurt you ever again."

She sobbed and pulled me to her, I held her as close to me as I could without hurting her. I could feel the small necklace I gave her pinching into my skin as our chests were pressed up against each other, her heartbeat stable and smooth. I couldn't be sure if I heard it or not but I thought I heard her quietly whisper two simple words: "Don't go."


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It Never Ends by Elizabeth Giardin

Alice Hamilton and Oliver Sykes had almost saved each other but things started to fall apart when Alice had to leave. But Oliver went to her... Then left again. Now what happens when he gets back from a three month tour and she has a whole new life? Well in short, It Never Ends...

"One more nail in the coffin, one more foot in the grave. One more time I'm on my knees and I'm trying to walk away. How has it come to this?"

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