Happy Birthday!!!

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Joe:"because..." he was so nervous. "I love you"

I was shocked!

Me:"I also love you" I said with the cutest smile I could do.

Joe:"Oh!! Really?! I thought where going to regret me."

Me:"How could I regret the cutest guy i ever met?"

Joe:"You think i'm the cutest guy you've ever met? That's so cute!!"

Me:"haha. We need to go home. Can you take me home?"



When we got home he told me he was going to stay the night here because Ty told him. I was so happy!

6 hours later...

I was going to the kitchen and suddenly I almost fall down. Joe was next to so he helped me to stand up.

Joe:"Vera! Are you okay? You need to sleep! You look so tired! I'll take you to your room." He said while I nodded. He carry me as a baby to my room and covered me with my bed's sheets. Then I literally fall asleep so fast.

The next day...

Joe's POV:

It's Vera's birthday! Wait!!! I haven't bought her anything! How can this be possible!?

Ty:"What are you thinking about?"

Me:"I haven't bought Vera anything for her birthday!"

Ty:"Don't worry. She won't wake up. You can go to the mall and buy her something."

Me:"Thanks Ty!!" Please don't let anybody wake her up. Please please please!!"

Ty:"Okay but hurry or she will wake up herself."

I ran to the shop and saw a beautiful dress. I knew that was the best present I could give her. But I also have present for her and for me. I'll tell her to be my girlfriend.

5 minutes later...

I was already at Ty's house and Fer told me to wake Vera up. I went to her room and saw her sleeping. She looked so cute.

Me:"Veraaaaa. Happy birthday!!!"

Vera:"Shh... I wanna sleep. Wait what?! It's my birthday?! I can't believe I forgot it was my birthday!"

Me:"Come! We are all down stairs waiting for you!"

Vera:"I'll go, I'll go!"

Me:"They all have presents!" I said whispering.

Vera:"Woo hoo!" She said whispering.

Vera's POV:

I was going down stairs and saw every body had a present.

Everyone:"Happy Birthday Vera!!!"

Me:" Thank you so much!"

Then I sat in the couch and everyone lined up. It's gifts time!!!


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I love u all!!

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