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Louis POV

As Eleanor and I walked towards the ring shop after a quick stop at Starbucks we spotted Simon sitting on a bench in front of the shop with his sweet, baby son Eric. Supsrised, we walked towards him just to say hi. He had different ideas. 

Simon POV {lol this should be interesting} 

"Louis! Eleanor dear! What a surprise to see you here! Come see my son Eric! I don't believe you've met him yet!" I ushered them over a little too enthusiastically. I glanced at their entwined hands and smiled. Wait till they heard what I had to say. 

Eleanor POV

"Ohmigodno" I caught Louis slurring under his breathe. 

"What now I thought he didn't want us to meet his son, I thought he said you guys were a bad influence?" I asked bitterly. 

Louis dropped my hand and put it up to his mouth dramatically "oh my god El!" he gasped fighting back a giggle. He never likes to giggle in public because "its not manly" yeah well neither is wearing Toms and shorts at the same time.*insert derp face here* {no offense its Eleanors opinion ;}} I smiled widely and went quiet as we were approaching Simon. 

Simon introduced us to Eric and then got down to business. We should have known it wasn't just a coincidence. 

"I talked with management yesterday..." Okay, this could go two ways... "Yes, ring shopping was my idea..." Oh. "But....I didn't tell management this but... You guys aren't getting married." Louis face said it all. Oh. My. Gay. God. {Whaddup youtuber reference, actually DOUBLE youtuber reference} 

"Does this mean what I think it means.."

"Yes" Simon grinned. 

"YES!" Louis and I jumped apart and did the dance we rehearsed for this moment on most of our dates. It was a mix of the chicken dance, tango, macerana, pat the dog, screw the lightbulb. {omg I'm so carroty but we all have our moments and you have to admit you would die if Louis wore stripes one last time} People stopped and stared, some recorded it. Fans are going to be so freaked out. 

"But...." Simon said interrupting our brilliant moment of brilliance. "You guys have to keep acting for a little more. Yes, the world has changed, being gay isn't that big of a deal anymore but its still not 100% okay yet, it will never be 100% okay with everyone and that's too bad but you just have to wait until I give the okay. Oh and you still have to go ring shopping, give the fans the idea of a proposal. Sorry."

"Okay," Louis said a little discouraged. We started to walk away when I had a brilliant idea. 

"WAIT!" I cried, "Louis you now how the other day you were talking to me about proposing to Harry?"This would be the perfect oppurtunity! We have to go ring shopping anyway, what do you say?" I asked them, wondering what Simon would say. 

"Thats actually not such a bad idea," Simon sat back down. "Louis I assume you still want to marry Harry?" Louis nodded vigorously. " What about going public like that? You could propose at a concert or something?" 

"Really?" Louis asked. "Of course! I mean I would rather have it be public but it would still be romantic and probably more so if it were private because I am a terrible romantic around Harry. I want the world to know how much I love him, what better way," Louis perked up. 

"Lets do it." Simon declared, clasping his hands together and standing up. "Keep it up with the dates though so management doesn't suspect anything."

"Okay" we said getting up and walking to the shop. 

"Oh! And good luck!" Simon yelled pushing the baby stoller across the courtyard. 

After that Louis never stopped smiling during the shopping process. 

Harry POV

I sat in front of the telly blindly waiting for Louis to get home. Some chick flick was on. Spoiler alert, the girl gets the guy. I wish me and Louis could be like that. Ugh, I have to stop thinking about him and live my life. {same harry same} But I really wish we could. They're so cute, the boy just proposed to the girl at the airport before he was deported. I sniffled. Was I crying? Oh my god I'm such a girl. I grabbed the remote and turned it off. I sighed and wiped my eyes. And not soon enough I heard a familiar sound of a key in a lock. {tattoo reference XD} 

I waited till he shut the door, then I pounced. I wrapped my arms around his waist and lifted him up gently. I swung him in my arms as he giggled. He'd never liked his laugh or should I say giggle but I think its adorable. I kissed his nose. I can see why some people think I'm the girl, it doesn't bother me though, lots of my friends are girls and to be honest I like girls, their cool, I just don't love them. Well actually I do love Louis sooooo... Haha he'd kill me if he read my mind. "So how was ring shopping?" I asked setting him down. "It was great actually it didn't take that long because El knew exactlly what she wanted. Do you want to see?" I grimaced at his nickname for her. 

"Sure" I said, I may not like Eleanor but I like weddings, I'm girly like that.

Louis POV 

Eleanor had decided to propose to Danielle so I had two rings and lets just say I may or may not have fangirled when she told me. I pulled out the ring Eleanor bought and showed Harry. "Wow, its beautiful." Harry gasped. "Yeah. It is." I said looking at Harry not the ring. I put the ring away and went to make some tea. 

"So whens the proposal going to be?" Harry asked as I handed him a cup. 

"We are planning on having her come to the concert 2 days from now and it was going to be then. What do you think?" 

"I think its the perfect publicity stunt and the fans will see through it." he said unsurely. 

"Thats the idea babe." I said pecking him on the lips and moving to the couch. " Hopefully the fans will understand and not kill me." I smiled as Harry laughed joining me on the couch. "Hopefully." he agreed. Ha ha little does he know. 

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