Getting Adopted

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Melody p.o.v:

I walked down the hallways of the stupid high school. I shoulder my bag as I got many stares from the other teenagers. The loud group of kids moved away from my locker. I heard snickering as I looked up at my locker. Being really short I stood on my tipey toes as I unscrewed the lock. I picked up the lock as red goo feel all over me.

It was like Carrie but 100x worse... The red jello fell all over my suicide silence shirt, my ripped up black skinnies, and all over my black vans. I wiped the goo off as the teens roared of laughter. I swallowed a cry. "Aww the poor baby's gonna cry!" I heard one of the cheerleaders laugh. I grabbed my bag as I pushed past the teenagers and ran outside. It was starting to rain as I ran away from the bastard school.

My feet pounded the cement as tears fell down my cheeks. Why did they hate me so much? I turned a corner as a car was driving past. The stupid car almost hit me. "Hey!" I shouted as the car screeched probably hitting the breaks. I kicked the car "Stupid head!" I shouted and darted off to my house.

I ran inside to see my foster mom Anne.

"Hi sweetie-" she started to say when I pushed past her and up to my room. I slammed my door and fell onto my bed.

I hated it here. I hated that school. This is my 7th school this year and I can't fight back because if I get kicked out they'll take my from Anne. I buried my face into my pillow and screamed.

I heard a knock on my door. "Go away!" I screamed. Anne opened the door anyway and plopped on my bed. Anne is a tall, skinny, green eyed, strawberry blonde 21 year old. She wasn't pushy but she cared for me the past 4 months. She is probably the best foster mom I've had in my 14 years.

I felt her skinny hand on my head running her hands threw my dark brown hair. "Mel whats wrong?" she asked. "I freaken hate High school!" I cried burying my face deeper into the pillow.

"Melody your a will get better" she said. I picked up my self to face her "Its not the fact that im a freshman! Its the fact that everyone hates me and im a freak!" I sobbed into her shoulder. Anne rubbed my back "It'll get better.... Mel a family coming to see you tonight...."she said.

I wiped some tears away from my eyes."Wha what?" I said. "Yup kiddo! A group of guys" She smiled. A group of guys? "But but....ok..." I whispered. "Ok now Mel go take a shower to wipe off the red stuff and I'll set your present out!" Anne clapped her hands and ran out the room.

I forced myself off my bed and walked over to the bathroom. I stripped off my clothes and stared at my thighs, stomach, and arms.


Big long dark scars filled my stomach and thighs mostly my arms. I swallowed back some tears. I stepped into my shower and let the steamy water run down me. I started to cry.

This was to much for me. My mom died.... my dads a bastard... my sister is in brother committed suicide...... and I'm alone...

I turned on my stereo as I was in the shower.

Everything as planned by We cane as Romans played.

I removed a piece of tile off the wall to see my hidden blade. I grabbed the metal and placed it on my wrist.

For being stupid..


For being a stupid daughter...


For breathing...


"MELLY THEY WILL BE HERE IN AN HOUR HURRY!" shouted Anne. I jumped making me drop my blade. Bleed fell onto the tub. I quickly cleaned up the blood. I grabbed the wrapping badges and put it on my wrists.

I wrapped my towel around body as I grabbed my red hair dye and dyed my tips red. I walked into my room to see a pierce the veil shirt, black and red plaid jeans, and black vans.

I smiled. Anne loved giving me band merch, she knew it always made me happy.

I put on my clothes and alot of bracelets. I put my hair in a purple beanie and put on some eyeliner. The eyeliner made my blue eyes pop out more.

"Melody! They're here!" Anne shouted. I looked in the mirror to see a short Latina, blued eyed, freckled face girl. I hated my reflection.

I shook my head and ran downstairs to see four guys.

They short guy turned around his dark brown eyes widened, so did the rest of the dark skinned guys.

"Hi Im Vic....Vic Fuentes... " Smiled the short one. "Also known as stupid head" laughed Jaime.

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