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" I seem to have lost my mind, I cannot back-track nor retrace my steps. The only thing left to do is to created it again " - Quoted From Jillisa Murray. 

Going through this story, looking back at myself then and now, I realize how fatuous I was. There are others whom are like me and worst and I cannot downgrade those problems in any way. To be honest that was pathetic and I feel awful for it. Anyways, I came here to say I feel quite better and getting these feelings out on here are a lot better then talking them out. I feel greatful that no of you have judged me and supported me a lot. I thank you all for everything and I owe you a bunch, thank you once again. Although I little episode of depression last night when I cried my eyes out, to the point they became completely dry and hurted, that was it. Also, I have to mature myself over the summer in a proper manner. 

Due to that maturity, however, I must cut off friends whom I feel as though are not maturing or do not meet my standards. They do not acknowledge me? They do not care. They do not say hi to me, wave to me, or even smile at me? They do not care. I know whom my real and fake friends are and most of them are getting cut off. I actually pity their pathetic childish wretchedness, and it disgusts me to the point I want to shake them violently and do many other things; Until they get the point of course. I need to update this more to be honest. See how much I had to say? Yeah I surmise you could say I have gotten a lot better with my grammar and my maturity level. 

To be honest, I am getting quite tired of listening to the same songs everyday, I like Heavy Metal, Death Core, Death Metal, and some Old School and countless other genres. So if you are kind enough leave some suggestions in the comments, anything rap-related I shall not listen to. 

Oh, by the way, I am finally getting VIP but I have to wait until tomorrow again. My gosh I hate this so damned much but it is what my fate has come to be again. I think that is all. 

Oh, again I am sorry, but I think I am loosing my sanity and humanity. It is an odd thought but I cannot stop hearing strange voices whispering my name and seeing odd figures and visions while I sleep. Some of them are extremely disturbing to be honest, and they mostly scare me. What is this madness again? Could anyone tell me what that is? I keep hallucinating, morbid hallucinations to be honest, and that is all finally. Good day to you all. 

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