Chapter 4. Left behind

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The fog was just clearing as my black mary-jane's pivoted on the pavement. The weekend was over and I had to attend school. Ha "school", more like the most top-rated high school in Italy, Chamford. With the pristine hallways, spotless glass windows and the highest A grade in all of Matero, what's not to love, right?

But  even the white-washed walls can hide the most terrible things. Gang fight's broke out in the vast stone courtyard on a daily, teacher and student sexual affairs continued long after Extra-Credit hours, and the clean bathrooms were known to hold large quantity's of girls that smoked and drank. I tried my best to lay low from everything but occasionally trouble found me when I least expected it.

I smoothed my heather-grey pencil skirt and tucked in my navy-blue blazer. As the large building came into the clearing, a tall object wrapped its arms around me. I turned around in surprise as Naomi's face greeted me. Her bright red lips were turned up into a smile and her crystal-blue eyes twinkled and shined underneath mascara covered lashes. "Hello my pretty!" she giggled swiping under my chin. "Naomi," I said in a knowing voice, smiling. 

"You know Ms. Marzia wants us to practice our english as much as possible."

"Cazzo che Merda! We are young italian women so why don't we speak our beautiful language?" she slurred raising a fist into the air. I laughed but looked at her for a moment.

"Naomi...have you been drinking?" I said quietly , glancing at her from underneath my hair.

She gave me an almost disgusted look. 

"Why do you care? Just focus on your own shit , Alessandra."

I stopped momentarily astounded, and hurt.

"Look im sorry, just please let's not talk about it, it was only a little" she sighed and gave me a hug.

I gingerly let her arms hold me then backed away. We entered the heavy double-door's breathing in the freshly-scented air. As we walked to Naomi's locker, several senior's looked our way, casually letting their eye's glide over my body, smiling approvingly. Ignored them and several other's and just looked down at my feet, Although, Naomi noticed.

"Look's like you get all the attention as usual" she said with a playful smirk, but I could tell she meant it.

"Ha," I laughed. "All the attention doesn't matter if its from these scumbag's." 

Naomi rolled her eye's and hiked her skirt up a little more to show a peek of her lacy fishnet tights, and unbuttoned the first few rows of her blazer, revealing her ample cleavage. she snapped her hot pink bubble gum and licked it off her lacquered lips.

"Dont worry, they are probably not interested in you anyway. Your too pure for them, they want a girl that knows how to make them feel good." she said while winking at a thirsty looking senior.

I know she didn't mean for the words to hurt, that's just how she is. Toughened by two drunk parents that never cared enough to make their daughter into a well-brought-up young lady, having to be a mom for  six little brother's and sisters, spending all her time working at tiny coffee shop, stealing booze and smoking joint's late at night had hardened her  like a rock.

"okay, I'll see you in first hour I guess" I mumbled ,walking away.

"Wait Aless-" she called, but I had already rounded the corner.

When the bell chimed for first period begin I was already seated waiting for Mr. Bentachino to start the lesson. Naomi walked in through the door along with a few other classmate's and rushed to the seat across from me. Her hair was mussed and teased and her cherry-red lipstick was all over her mouth. The cream button-down she wore under her blazer was untucked and I could see a peek of hot pink lace showing out at the top. I discreetly finger-combed her hair and tucked her shirt in and buttoned the first few row's. I wet a tissue from my backpack and wiped the corner's of her mouth with it. She mouthed a "Thankyou" and gave a devious little smile.

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