Chapter Seventeen

Iris’s POV

“I don’t understand,” I frowned after Robbie finished his tale.

He chuckled. “I didn’t either to start with,” he gave me a small smile.

“Then explain it to me,” I fake glared.

“Okay,” he laughed. “Basically the primary function of all werewolves is to be free and then the secondary is to have your family,” I nodded. “Wolves are wild animals so they don’t want to be trapped. The younger brother had just taken Moonseeds which kills any normal human being but not a werewolf, a werewolf when they eat moonseeds they shift.”

“I don’t understand,” I puzzled.

“Well why wasn’t the brother died? If he was human then he would have died.” Robbie said.

“So why didn’t he?” I asked.

“Well because his desire to be free was stronger than death himself,” he said.

“Right, so running away from his older brother caused a reaction in him to shift into a wolf?”

“No, well sort of,” Robbie shrugged. “It was the fear of death that caused him to run but his real captor was in fact his brother so running away from his older brother triggered something in the moonseeds. The moonseeds instead of killing him changed him into something more, to something that could be free, a wolf,”

“I think I understand,” I puzzled. “So turning into a werewolf was kind of a blessing from the Moonseeds?” I asked

“No from Death himself,” he smiled. “In Death’s sick irony allowed the brother to escape his death but only for a short while,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked again confused out of my mind.

“Well with every reaction comes a consequence and allowing the boy to live, meant another had to die in his place,” I nodded for him to go on. “He picked the older brother,”

“Aww that is really sad,” I said.

“That’s not the end of the tale,” Robbie chuckled at me.

“Then go on,” I smiled. Robbie leant forward in the chair and rested his head on his arms smiling at me, my heart thumped in my chest like a drum.

“Well the brother had been in a ritual of switching blood when he younger brother fled and he died drinking the blood of his brother,” I nodded.  “He became the first vampire,” Robbie chuckled. “It is a confusing story and isn’t very true but my mother use to read it to me when i was little, I didn’t understand it back then but what it is telling you is that you have to be careful what you wish for.” He smiled sitting up.

“So what happened to the younger brother then?”

“He was killed by his brother,” Robbie shrugged. “But as I said it a story that is a little bit based off the truth,”

“I would say it is almost a lie,” Abby voiced her opinion. “Dog I wish to tend to Iris’s wounds,” she glared at Robbie. “So out and stay out like a good dog,” she pushed him out of the way.

“What do you mean, it is almost a lie?” I asked shifting in my seat as Abby re examined my face.

“Well it is true that there were two brothers,” she said looking down at the floor. “The oldest brother was called Darcy and the youngest brother was called Marcus, they were slaves to the Spirit and they didn’t witness their mother dying but their lover.” She said. “They both loved a girl from the village that they grew up in, the youngest brother was 16 and the oldest 18, the young girl chose the youngest in secret but she was killed by the spirit soon after they lay together.” She explained. “The brothers ran away to the wood and in fact discovered a cottage in the woods. A witch did live inside but she was no hag in fact she was far from it, she was beautiful and was not annoyed that the brothers had woken. They explained what had happened and she offered to help. She asked them what their deepest desire was and they replied the same as in your story,” Abby nodded the Robbie who was frowning at the retelling.

“So is it the same as what happened at the end of Robbie’s tale?” I asked.

“No,” Abby smile widened. “The young witch gave the Marcus three Moonseeds and her blessing and then gave Darcy a knife coated in a curse. She told Darcy that killing someone meant a curse was put on him and that was the risk of his wish. The brothers left and parted ways after arguing most of the night on whether Darcy should taken the cursed weapon.” She smiled. “I think you know what happened.

“That is all wrong,” Robbie shook his head. “I mean death took pity on the youngest Brother and the Witch was very evil,” Robbie said.

“The witch was like any other, pure of heart and only there to help,” Abby snapped. “And death doesn’t take pity on anyone,” Abby said.

“He did with me,” I muttered.

“What?” Abby looked at me.

“Well when I first set myself on fire a few weeks back when Death, well at least I think it was him, spoke to me,” I said trying to remember that day.

“What did they say?” Robbie asked.

“They told me to live because they were coming and he was gonna take everything,” I said. “He gave me a sense of purpose, he told me to live”

“Are you sure it was death?” Abby puzzled.

“I don’t know, I was dying at the time,” I rolled my eyes getting up. “Now everyone out, I want to get changed,” I pushed them out. “I would like an early night and I don’t want to hear a word from you guys,” I snapped. “Abby you can treat my wounds in the morning,” I stopped her from speaking.

“You never told me what they were?” Robbie pointed out.

“That is a story for another time,” I said closing the door and settling in bed. I fell asleep not before hearing someone whispering my name again but I too comfortable to worry about it or even remember it the next morning.


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