Something Great (H.S)

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Chapter One - Amelia's P.O.V.

"Hi, what can I get you?" I smile at my next customer. I swear to god I have made around thirty hot beverages today, although I can't really complain, the job pays pretty well and I get free coffee whenever I want. I'm just glad my shift is almost over; who knew making coffee and frappés could be this boring?

"Uh, I'll have a cappuccino please." The voice is so low and husky, dreamy even, like a smooth spread of melted chocolate. I look up from my till and my eyes are met with a pair of beautiful green orbs. Oh my God. His chestnut brown curls fall lazily across his forehead and I want nothing more than to brush them out of his eyes, but by the looks of things, he couldn't care less about his current hair situation. He looks so sad, so beautiful, but still sad.

"Would you like that to sit in or take out?" I smile at him, he looks like he could do with some sort of comfort, and a smile is all I have to offer - not that it would help with whatever the matter is.

"To sit in" He replies bluntly, and I nod, he clearly wants his coffee and doesn't want to be spoken to.

"That will be £4.75 please"

He hands over a five pound note before quickly saying "Keep the change" and sitting at a small table in a dark corner at the back of the small coffee shop.

He's so different, so beautiful, and I really want to get to know him, but with the attitude he holds, I know it won't be something that will happen easily.

I place his large mug under the machine and wait for it to do its magic before dusting his drink with cocoa powder.

Focusing on not spilling the drink and trying not to trip over my undone shoe laces, I make my way over to the table where the mysterious boy is now tugging at the ends of his hair out of pure frustration. I set down the cup in front of him, allowing him to look up and say his thanks. I smile at him again and quickly walk back to my drink making station to serve the other queuing customers.

The big hand on the clock is about to reach twelve signaling that it is almost five o'clock and therefore time to close the shop for the day. However, the green eyed, curly haired boy is still sitting in the corner staring off into space. I presume he's finished with his cappuccino due to the fact that he hasn't touched it in at least twenty minutes.

I walk over to his table and sit opposite him on the other battered armchair.

"Are you ok?" I question, not really wanting to tell him that he has to leave - I don't want to make his situation worse.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He replies. "I should get going, thanks for the coffee"

It's a shame, I really wanted to get to know him. "No problem, have a nice evening"

And with that, he walks out into the cold, wet, busy streets of London, lit up by the many lights of the passing red busses and black taxis.

I wash up the last few mugs and tea cups and wipe down the tables before turning off the lights and locking up for the night.

Scrolling through my iPod, I finally decide to play a bit of The 1975 on the way back to my flat - I say flat, but it only consists of a small kitchen, a small bedroom and tiny bathroom all above a small, old book shop. Although it is barely big enough to accommodate a mouse, I still love it and it fits my personality so well.

I kick my feet at the ground beneath me, soaking my vans in the cold, dirty puddles. The rain is pouring down on me but I don't mind, I actually really love the rain. I love autumn going on into winter; everything becomes so cosy and it makes me appreciate any little bit of warmth I get even more than I normally would.

Walking along the pavement, now drenched from head to toe by the rain, I reach my door at the side of the old book store and unlock it. The stairs up to my flat are steep and they're such a task to climb, but I know when I am in my apartment I will be able to eat and relax so there lies my motivation.

Kicking off my shoes and shrugging off my coat, I trudge to my small fridge and take out a large ham and pineapple pizza before putting it into the oven and collapsing on my double bed in my closet-like room.

I scoff down my pizza and strip out of my wet work clothes, jump into my steaming hot shower and scrub myself clean.

In a baggy jumper and tracksuit bottoms, I climb into bed with my hair still wet and turn on the TV to try and take my mind off this newly found curly haired boy I have found myself infatuated with.


Hii, so this is my first attempt at writing a fanfic. I know this won't get many reads because my writing is atrocious and this storyline isn't brilliant, but if you do read this; thank you! My first chapter was so short and awful so I'm sorry. Anyway, I'm trying to think of a cast at the moment so if you have any ideas about who could be Amelia (idc about what they look like at the moment, as long as they look 18/19ish) please let me know. Wish me luck, ahhh. x

P.S - my name is Eliza & my twitter is @saladbowlstyles

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