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 I played lazily with my Pierce the Veil wrist bands that scattered over my wrists, tracing the lettering on each one. I brushed my dark bangs to the side so that they were only slightly covering my eyes. I had just returned from the hospital several days ago, after attempting to rid my pain. The only thought that dared to linger in my mind were images of his face and the tears I had shed when he told me about his new girlfriend. I was in love with him, yet he didn't know. I was sitting on my bed, watching the hours tick away when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Reaching into my pocket and removing the device, I answered it.

 "Hello?" I asked.

 "Hey, it's Jake."

 "Jake! I've missed you!" I nearly shouted.

 I heard him laugh lightly on the other end. "I'm at the park. Wanna join me?"

 "Sure!" I said happily. "I'll be there in ten minutes!"

 "Ha, okay, see ya!" he replied as he hung up

 As fast as my feet could carry me, I ran out of my room and slipped on my black flats, running out of the front door and down the road where I soon found myself in the green landscapes of the town park grounds. My eyes searched over the surrounding areas. It was then that I spotted Jake leaning against the trunk of a large maple tree. Slowly, through his black bangs and piercing blue eyes, he met my gaze. We just stood there for what seemed like hours before I began to run in his direction. I went to ask him why he had asked me to come here, but he shushed me by crashing his delicate lips over my own. My eyes were wide open momentarily, but after I had recovered from the shock of his sudden motivations, I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and kissed him passionately in return. He was so innocent in the kiss, never taking it a step to far, no tongue or lust, just love.

 He slowly restrained his lips from mine and continued to hold me close for several minutes. It was then that the words came out. "Please, don't leave me ever again. You scared me so much! Please, never scare me like that again."

 I looked up and he had tears welling in his eyes. "I won't."

 "Promise me," he whispered as one of the tears collapsed down his pale cheek.

 "I promise," I said, beginning to cry myself.

 "Don't cry, babe. No tears, I've got you," he reassured, placing his chin on the top of my head as he held me in a protective embrace.

 "But what about-"

 "She doesn't matter anymore. You are what matters to me. I love you so much. Never... never do this to yourself again... When I got the call from your mom-," he paused, turning head and wiping his eyes before returning his gaze to meet mine, "I thought I had lost you forever. You had lost so much blood, and knowing that I was the reason, I nearly broke the same way you did. I would have lied in the hospital bed right next to you, because I love you. I always have."

 A new wave of salty tears flushed my cheeks and he tilted my chin up, pressing our lips together. The kiss was passionate and full of fire. His tongue laced the edge of my lips and ever so slowly, I nodded and parted them slightly. Our tongues battled for dominance, in which he soon won. My fingers laced into his silky black hair and  he put his arms around my waste, pulling me closer. We were getting so involved in our kiss that we had forgotten we were in public.

 "Mommy, what are dat girl and boy doing" a young boy asked quite loudly. Jake and I broke the kiss and stared at each other for a moment, then burst into laughter. We spent the rest of the day together, just wading in the creek and laughing at the stupidest things. I didn't care what the rest of the world had to say, because I had him.

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