Chapter One

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Hey, This is my first story, blah ,blah ,blah  ;)  Thanks for checking it out!!!!! XD

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"C'mon you stupid car.......MOVE!" I yell as my midnight blue ford fiesta chokes and lurches up a winding road  full of upper class houses, hitting the gas pedal with my stilettoed foot once more I hope of some power to be regained  but all that comes out is a whimsy release of grey smoke from the engine , "just bloody great" I mutter "absolute..." suddenly a soft yet masculine voice enters  through my car door, fogging up my frosted windows in the process

" Miss you need a hand?" the girl voiced man interjects my rant, turning around in my stiff seat I unbuckle my seat belt  and come face to face with it cannot be...EXAMPLE?.. I feel my face begin to flush with excitement at the thought of meeting the god himself.

"A,aree y,you...errmm, Ex..." I stumble over my words, as if reading my thoughts the stranger sighs rather maddeningly and with his right hand  brushes back his deep ,dark brown hair away from his eyes and says

"No ... before you say it , I am deffinantly not Example or any relation to him."

         feeling a fool  for suggesting such a thing I mentally face palm myself whilst taking in the mans now warm pronounced smile on his handsome face and then shifting my gaze to his electric blue eyes that  seem to sparkle like stars ..... so gorgeous I sigh in my head ....WHAT!!?? shaking my head at these thoughts I I then think to myself " he could be a Rapist for all I know! there is a sudden clicking of an impatient tounge  as I revert my gaze onto my hot pink steering wheel whilst turning beetroot red " Sorry, and uhh yeah Id like a hand please , my cars just died  and I have to get to.." I gasp audibly " Shit what time is it?"  horror taking over my size six body .


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