Falling For You

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Tara's POV

So my Dad told me I need to find some boy my own age and I told him that I can't. There are no cute guys my age around here or anywhere.

So the reason my Dad said that was because lately I've been hanging around Jai Brooks. Jai is so sweet, handsome, and funny. Everything I want in a guy. I have a little crush on him but I don't think he feels the same way. But I'm hanging out with him today so I think I might tell him how I feel.

Oh and I forgot to tell you. I'M ON TOUR! Yes I am on tour with the girls. It's been so much fun so far. Right now we are in Texas getting ready for our show tonight. But before I get ready I'm hanging with Jai.

Jai: "Hey cutie!"

T: "Sup Jai?"

I said going over to hug him. 

Jai: "Just hanging with the cutest Bieber around."

T: "Really wheres Jazzy?"

Jai: "Haha your funny, I'm talking about you."

T: "Aww your to sweet!"

Jai: "Not as sweet as you."

I looked down and blushed. 

Jai: "Your really cute when you blush."

T: "Thanks." I giggled.

Jai: "Do you wanna go to the beach or something?"

T: "Uh? Sure!"

Jai then went and opened the bus door for me and we walked to his car. He went and opened his car door for me  being the gentleman he is and closed it and then got in. As soon as Jai got in he took a deep breath. 

T: "Are you okay?"

Jai: "Yeah, I'm fine, just nervous."

T: "Why?"

Jai: "I just...nothing."

Jai said looking down. 

T: "You know you can tell me anything.  You know that right?"

I lifted his head up and smiled at him.

Jai: "It's just I like you alot and I know your 14 and probably don't want to date a older guy again. Because the last one was a complete jerk and should have never had you in the first place and what he did was so wrong."

I smiled at Jai.

T: "I like you too."

Jai: "Really?"

T: "Yeah, A lot."

Jai smiled and blushed.

T: "Your so cute when you blush." I said trying to act like him.

Jai: "Shut up!" He said jokingly.

We both laughed and we headed to the beach. 

As soon as we got to the beach. Jai and I ran to the water. 

I got to the water and screamed. 

T: "It's COLD!"

Jai: "Your such a baby!"

Jai grabbed me and brought me in the water. 

We started to fight in the water. I got on top of Jai and at one point we fell over and came up from the water laughing. I looked over and saw paps. I sighed.

T: "Jai I'm sorry."

Jai: "totally fine."

T: "I have a question."

Jai: "Anything precious."

T: "Do you only like me for fame?"

Jai: "What? No!"

T: "I was just wondering."

Jai: "Listen Tara I'm not like the last guy."

T: "I know, I know."

Jai: "Do you?" 

He asked bringing me into a hug. I laughed and snuggled into his chest.

Jai: "Let's walk down the beach."

T: "okay."

Jai then took my hand and we started to walk down the beach.

Jai: "Do you like all the fame?"

T: "A lot of my fame comes from my Dad. I went from scared, to liking it, to hating it."

Jai: "I get what your saying."

T: "Yeah?"

Jai: "When did you start hating it?"

T: "Umm after my break up."

Jai: "Oh I'm sorry. If you don't mind me asking why then?'

T: "I was embarrassed."

Jai: "How so?"

T: "I was embarrassed that I got cheated on. That I was dumb and fell in love with him."

Jai: "You should never feel that way because of some guy."

Just then I looked away from Jai and looked forward and saw who I didn't want to see. 



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