Chapter 13 - Time together

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I decided today to get my best friend and my boyfriend together. So I texted my best friend.

Hey Andrea, I wanted to ask you if you could come over I wanted to spend time with you and Luke.

She replied in 5 minutes saying

okay can't wait to finally talk to him see you soon

Now I have to call Luke

*ring ring*

"Hello," he said.

" Hey Luke I just wanted to ask to come over and spend time with you and my best friend," I said.

"That sounds like a great idea at what time do you want me to be there?" he asked.

" Around five in the afternoon, " I answered.

" Okay I will be there then, see you soon," Luke said.

"See you soon," I said as well.

We both hung up.

I went to the kitchen to make some snacks. Which included sweet potato chips with a cream cheese dip, and a jar of freshly squeezed lemonade.

Five in the afternoon came by quickly and I soon started to hear the doorbell ring, and to my surprise both Luke and Andrea were standing outside. I let them in. They both made their way to the living room and took a seat on my sofas.

" Do you want any snacks?" I asked both of them.

" Sure," said Andrea.

"Okay, do you need any help?" Luke asked.

"No, thank you for asking I bring them right now, " I said.

I brought out the chips and dip along with three glasses of lemonade.

" Here you go, " I told Andrea as I gave her her glass of lemonade.

"Thanks," she said as she grabbed the glass.

" And here is yours, " I told Luke.

" Thank you Kat," he replied.

I sat down next to Luke and Andrea began to ask Luke some questions.

" So Luke, how are you treating my best friend? " Andrea asked.

" I am treating her well I care for her a lot, " he said, " and I am starting to have feelings for her. "

I was surprised to hear his last remark. I turned to see his eyes and he did the same. His eyes looked so sincere. We both turned back to face Andrea. She was looking at us with curiosity. It seemed she was looking or asking something.

So I asked her, " What's on your mind Andrea?"

She replied with, " Oh, nothing I'll tell you later."

"Okay," I said knowing it was something private.

"Okay on with the questions. What is your favorite thing about Katherine?" Andrea asked Luke.

" Well, I love her heart for God and I love her big, round, brown eyes that she has," he replied.

"And you Kat what do you like about Luke?" she asked me.

" I like how he prays with me every morning and his green eyes and his light brown hair, " I said.

"Well, its seems that you have started to like each other,  and I am happy that my best friend is happy," Andrea said.

" Aw thank you Andry you're a great friend, but I want you and Luke to get to know each other so I'll go get some more snacks and you can talk about your selves," I said.

I walked towards the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and looked for something to make. I got some fruit and yogurt to make some parfaits. I grabbed three glass cups and began making the parfaits. I couldn't really hear what Andrea and Luke were talking about. Once I finished I took my parfaits to the living room.

" So I made some parfaits," I said as I put them on the table.

" So what were you talking about?" I asked them.

"Just about our work and other things, " Andrea said.

" Oh that's great, " I said but still wondering what other things they were talking about.

We spent a few minutes in silence as we ate our parfaits.

" Well, I got to go thank you for inviting me Kat, I'll talk to you later, " Andrea said as she stood up.

"Okay Andry do you want me to walk you to the door? " I asked.

" No, I know my way its okay talk to you tomorrow," she said as she walked toward the entrance door.

" Okay bye," I said almost screaming.

" I had I great night babe, I think I have to go I have to wake up early for work, " Luke said.

" Okay baby I'll talk to you tomorrow then," I said.

" Yes," he said and then he gave me a quick kiss on my lips before walking out the door.

"Bye Luke," I said waving my hand.

"Bye Kat," he said as he got in his car.


Hello fellow readers sorry for the long wait on this chapter.

I may change the POV to Andrea for the next chapter and you will know what exactly Luke and her were talking about.

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