Chapter 5

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The front lines were now at floor 32. The floor had multiple plains and meadows scattered around it. A few towers and ruins acted as dungeons for the floor. It was one of the far more beautiful floors we had seen in Aincrad.

We had been here for about a week already. The boss room would probably be found anytime now. Alice and I were walking along a path that was supposed to take us to a new quest an info broker told Alice about. She wanted me to go with her to complete it. I decided to tell everyone in the guild to have a day off, and I went with her. We had been training on the front lines everyday for months. We needed a day off from farming mobs anyway.

"Thanks for coming with me today, Ren." Alice smiled at me.

"No problem. What's the name of this quest anyway?"

"I believe Argo said it was called the 'Ring of Angel's Whisper'. It's located away from a majority of dungeon areas, so few people know it exists yet." Alice answered.

Argo was one if the most famous info brokers in SAO. She was willing to sell almost any piece of info. She had eventually gotten the nickname 'Argo the Rat'. We had used her as our info broker for awhile now.

Alice had her large scythe slung across her back as usual. It made her seem really intimidating to those that didn't know her. If they ever saw her use it though, they would really piss their pants. She was the top known scythe user in SAO. Her skills with it were deadly. In addition, she had also leveled up her martial arts skills by a fair amount. Her signature martial arts skill 'Rolling Kick' could send a player flying back 50 meters with a direct hit. She would swing her scythe down on the floor, balance her hand on the handle, and kick her opponent while keeping her body completely horizontal midair.

To be honest, the main reason I agreed to going with Alice for this quest was to get some alone time with her. I had really begun to like her. I just didn't know how to say it. Even still, I had no idea what to say. I was partially afraid she'd use her 'Rolling Kick' technique on me if I told her.

We reached the place where the quest giver was supposed to be in 2 hours. It looked like a sanctuary. A lone angel was sitting on the steps to a small shrine in the center with an annoyed expression on her face.

"Hello." Alice walked up. A quest window popped up, asking us if we wanted to start the quest. Alice pressed the 'Yes' tab right away.

"Oh great... I call for help and I get a couple of human lovebirds." the angel sighed.

"Woah, woah, woah!" Alice stopped her, blushing. "We aren't lovebirds."

"Like I care. Well, I guess I have no choice but to rely on you. An evil spirit possessed one of the bunnies in the meadow. It's destroying the whole place. If you two somehow succeed, I'll give you a pair of rings."

"Sheesh. Someone's grouchy." I complained.

"What was that?" the angel spoke up.

"N-Nothing!" Alice answered in my place. "Don't worry. We'll be sure to stop the bunny."

"Sure, sure, whatever. I'll be here waiting for someone reliable to come." the angel sighed.

Alice and I walked away towards the meadow the angel spoke of. I started talking as soon as we were out of earshot.

"What's her problem?" I wondered. "Would it kill her to be nice at all?"

"I know she's... tough to put up with, but let's just put up with it till the end of the quest." Alice argued.

"Fine." I sighed. "Why are you so hooked on this quest anyway? Did Argo say it had some rare equipment as a reward or something?"

"The reward is an item that can't be obtained anywhere else." Alice explained.

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