Chapter 3

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So we all went to the baggage claim and got me and Trevor's bags and then left.

When we got in the car a song called classic started playing and they all started singing, and let me tell you I don't think my ears have ever heard something so bad, they were all singing off key on purpose, the only one who was actually trying to sing well was Trevor and he was actually really good.

“You guys are all dorks, except Trevor because he is actually trying to sing well.” I said laughing really hard at all the reactions on the guys face when I said that.

“Heyyy that was uncalled for.” Ricky said then finger snapping me

“Its is when our making Trevor and I's ears bleed.” I said finger snapping him back

“WEEE'RREEE HEEERRREEE” Connor yelling as load as he could from the drivers seat

I quickly look around and notice that we're on a street with really nice, but they all looked the same.

“Ok, so how are we going to find this house your looking for? Are we just going to like o door to door?” Jc said looking at me with questioning eyes

“Um, I guess so.” I said responding his question not sure If that was the best idea

“Ok, then we will just stay here till you find it, ok here is the first house.” Connor said pulling up to the first house

I got out of the car and walked up to the house, I had a tall rectangle figure that was white with a blue roof, door, and windows, that's how all the buildings on that street look. I walked up to the door and knocked on it. A woman answered it, she had blue eyes, and had grayish blond hair and looked to be in her mid sixtys.

“Hi, um, does Mark Smith live here?”

“Ohh, no sorry young lady.”

“oh, its ok, sorry if I bothered you,”

“Not at all”

I started walking back to the car and was shaking my head trying to tell them no.

“Well, Lets keep on looking” Connor said pulling up to the next house

I got out of the car and walked up to the house and knocked on the door.

A man who looked like he was in his 30's answered.

“Well hello young lady, how my help you?” He said smiling

“Um, I'm looking for a man by the name Mark Smith” I said smiling back

“Oh, well you were really close, I'm his brother he lives next, may I ask what you need him for?”

He said. This man is my uncle, well thank the lord he seems nice. I decided because he was family I would tell him why I'm here.

“Well I'm Katy Wills and I'm his daughter.” I said kind of hanging my head

“WHAT?” He said, his eyes wide and his smile kind of faded

“Well in hat case I'll walk you over to your dad's.” he said going to get his shoes on

“Well let me go tell my friends that they can go” I said walking down to the car

“Hey guys you can leave I just found my uncle.”

“Found your uncle? Give me your phone, tomorrow I'm expecting a call telling me to come get you so you can give a logical explanation for all this madness.” Connor said sending chills all down my by back.

I gave Connor my phone and he quickly tapped his number into my phone and gave it back then just as I was about to grab my phone Ricky grabbed it and put his number in my phone, then Jc then Trevor.

Then finally I got my phone back.

“Now please if you need anything girl you call or text any of us. Got it?” Ricky told me

“Mk” I told him “Bye guys, thank you.”

I walked back up to my uncle and told him I was ready

He brought me to the house right next to his and knocked on the door, a man answered and he had blond hair and light blue eyes.

“Hi Tony what do you need this time? And who's this young lady?” The man said bringing his attention to me..............


Hope you like it so far!! I'll be updating soon!!

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