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Wednesday 12th February 2015

"Beep. Beep. Beep." The contuinious sound of my alarm wakes me from my slumber, and I roll over silencing the alarm, to look at the day to come. The sun hadn't risen yet, as a newbie I was stuck with the early morning shifts. I roll out of bed and make my way to the bathroom I shared with the many other women in my unit, and thankfully there wasn't a line.

I jumped in the shower, shivering as the cold water hit me, loosing my bones as it slowly warmed up. Once I was washed and ready to go I slipped my robe on and made my way back to my room, where I got ready for the days work.

I walked to the staff office to collect my clipboard, which would tell me who I am with today, although it hardly ever changes. I pick up the board and scan it through quickly, as I did my very last patient at 2:25 was a Z.M, patient 849, I couldn't think of whom it may be so I left to see my first patient thanking the women behind the desk.

"Gabii, good you dissapeared yesterday, can you come to my office?" I turned around to put a face to the voice and it way Daylia, my boss. I was on my way to my lunch break but ofcourse that would have to wait. "Ofcourse" I say, and follow her yet again having to jog to keep up.

"Sit down." She says shortly when we step into her office and I take a seat, infront of the desk as does she behind the desk. "so you may of seen on your clipboard that you have a new patient?" Ahh so thats what this is about "Yes, I did."

"His name is Zayn, Zayn Malik..." It's then struck me that it was the knew patient. I was being assigned with a new patient! Ecspically him...

"Gabii... Gabii!" Daylia snapped at me, pulling me out of my dream. "oh, sorry." She shook her head, "You will have to pay more attention. Now this is his file," she handed a large folder to me which I took, dreading the nights ahead. "make sure you read right through it. You will not see him this afternoon I have that pleasure. You will see him five time a week, excluding Mondays and Saturdays."

I nod, wondering why Mondays? That was unusual.

Daylia dismissed me and I had enough time to grab an apple then I was off to my last patient, thankfully I didn't have to see Zayn... It seemed so strange calling him that when we hadn't even met yet.

I went to my last patients room, Patty. She was such a darling and one of the few women we had here. I did the usual duties, and then since I had extra time I sat down and read some of her novel to her.

"Oh dear," I say as I check the time 4:30. "I must be going patty, but I will see you tomorrow." Patty smiled and grabbed the book I had been reading "Goodbye." I closed the door "Bye bye" and turned the key.

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