The Punishment Of Love.

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what happens when two old flames accidently meet? one a merciless P.E teacher the other his use to be student.

What happens when their pasts come in to play? can they keep their tangled hormones in check or will it be a repeat of Five years previous when he broke both her heart and her school reputation?...

Gemma is a fresh faced twenty one year old ,who with a shaded past has come so far in life,rising from a derelict housing estate in Leicester   to almost upper class luxury  in six years but surely with mostly failed GCSEs  and no qualifications onside Gemma has no chance to get such a high maintenance job to afford her new style of living , that is until her old head teacher  Mr. Walker  decides to take pity on her and offers her a placement at Newlings grammar school .The one place Gemma had tried get away from since the age of sixteen and more importantly the one person Mr.Higgs.

Sam Higgs has a high reputation at Newlings grammar school , he's hot he's merciless and he's one hell of a play boy .... cheating and playing was in his job description .... well that was until five years ago ....before he met a girl ... not just any girl of his year eleven students ....Gemma ...

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