Chapter Eleven

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Cameron |

Originally, Journey and I were supposed to skip lunch period together, and go somewhere to eat; but after the second period drama, I called it off. I just needed to talk to my friends. I don't think they understood that I actually liked Journey. This wasn't some fake shit that I usually do just to get in some girl's pants. This was genuine, and, I needed them to know that.

I sat on top of the boot of my car, and waited for them to show up. They came, and to my surprise Wolf was with them. He had a bandage wrapped around his nose, and he seemed as if he was in pain. That's what the fuck he gets. He should've just kept his mouth closed when I told him to. "What's up," I said once they approached me.

"Man, you gave Wolf the business. I mean, he was all in the nurse's office crying like a gotdamn baby," Bash said as he hopped up onto the trunk to sit beside of me. "I didn't know you were that serious about Journey. I mean, you told us not to fuck with her, but damn, man."

I looked at Wolf who was awkwardly standing with his arms crossed. "Look, guys. I asked Journey to be my girlfriend almost an hour ago." The boys collectively yelled, and made unneccessary noices; being loud as usual.

"Very funny," Gunner said through laughter. "As if you would actually get serious with a girl, as if you could even stay committed."

"Hey, chill," Cortez stepped in. "I think it's great that Cameron has actually found a girl that she's interested in. Believe it or not, but one day you guys are going to find a girl that you're interested in, too. It's not all about sex-"

"I don't know about the whole it's not all about sex thing, but I agree with Cortez," Bash cut off Cortez before he could go on a rant. Bash wrapped an arm around my shoulder. "If Cameron wants to try out a serious relationship, then so be it. We should be supportive of our homie. Not bring her down, Gunner."

"I'm not bringing her down, bro. If she wants to date her, then fucking fine. I don't give a fuck. It's not like I'm in the relationship. I just don't want Cam to stray away from us, you know," Gunner admitted. "I mean, next thing you know Cameron is going to be wanting to spend all of her time with her, and she'll forget all about us."

"Hell no," I said as I shook my head. "I'm not going to always be with Journey. She has soccer, and she has plenty of friends of her own. I'll be spending time with her, but you know you boys will always be my boys. We'll still go around tearing up the fucking town, causing mischief, doing stupid shit...I'll be the same person. I just won't be fucking with any girls, other than Journey. And once you guys, get to know her; you'll like her, too."

Cortez gave me a handshake. "I'm proud of you. Journey's a good girl. It's all just up to you to not fuck it up." I smiled, and looked over to Wolf. He was the only one quiet about the whole situation. Wolf shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't care. You're my friend, and I guess if you're happy...I should be happy. I'm just with Gunner. I don't want you straying away from the group. I don't want you to stop going to parties, and shit. I want you right there, but I also don't want Journey hanging out with us. There's just something about her that I don't like," Wolf expressed.

"Whatever, just don't talk shit about her. What you said back in the classroom wasn't cool, bro. I would've did more damage if Gunner, and Bash didn't get me off of you." Wolf just nodded. "So, everyone's cool with me going out with Journey? I don't want any shit about this. All I'm asking is for you guys not to hit on her, not to talk shit about her, and be fucking polite. Playful banter is okay, but don't be a fucking dick."

"I'm perfectly fine with it. I just have one question," Bash began. I looked at him. "Can you and Journey please try to hook a brother up with Ivy, because she is so fucking fine."

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