Part 23

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Hayes's POV

"What's wrong?" Ella asked

"I'll tell you after you get ready for bed" I said

I really didn't want to tell Ella. Ella got ready so fast. That's how I know she cared. She really wanted to know what was up with me.

"Okay Hayes what's wrong?" Ella asks sitting on my bed

"Okay well, um... Taylor texted me and told me to back off you because he wants you" I said

"Oh Hayes" Ella said pulling me into a warm hug.

"Don't listen to him" Ella said

"Please don't Hayes" Ella said holding my hand

"Okay I wont but I think he might keep bothering me about it" I said

"Just don't even worry about it" Ella said

"Now how's ready for a sundae?" Skylynn said


"I'm ready!" Ella said

We ran into my large kitchen and got out the ice cream and the whipped cream. I had chocolate ice cream and Ella had vanilla.

"Ella come here" I asked

"Coming" Ella said running across the kitchen

I sprayed Ella with whipped cream. Her face was covered in cream.

"HAYESSSSS" Ella screamed

"Yes" I answered

"I'm going to get you!!!!!!" She said

She put whipped cream on her hand and started chasing me. I ran around the couch. I jumped on the table and she jumped up chasing me. I jumped off and she jumped off too.

"Fine, fine slap me" I said

"okay!" She said

She slapped me with whipped cream and it got all over me. We saw Skylynn on the couch sleeping. How did she sleep through all of our screaming?"

"I'll bring Sky up to her bed" Ella said

"Okay. I'll be down here" I said

I went on instagram. I posted a pic of me with whipped cream still all over me. I put the caption as "just had a whipped cream fight with the best @ellagrace"

"Okay i cleaned my face so dont attack me with whipped cream" Ella said walking in the living room.

"Okay fine i won't" I said

"Aw my ice cream melted" Ella said

"Shoot so did mine" I said

"Okay im making more" Ella said

"Same" I replied

Ella and I made our second bowl of ice cream and sat down at the table. Ella checked her phone.

"Oh Hayes your twitter post!" Ella said laughing

"You look so cute!" Ella said

"Why thank you" I said giggling

"Wow 11:56 already, its almost midnight. I'm off to bed" Ella said

"Right behind you!" I said

Ella and I went up to my room and fell fast asleep.

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